Monday, August 2, 2010

35 Days Left in Mrs. Clyde's iTouchallenge!

Okay, friends, you have inspired me!  I am encouraged by all of your great comments from my last post, where I ended another lackluster weigh-in with the question:

Is the iTouchallenge still achievable? 16 pounds in 37 days?

(By the way, if you are new here and aren't familiar with Mrs. Clyde's iTouchallenge, please click on the iTouchallenge "label" below for some history.)

Several of you simply said I should "Go for it!".  Others acknowledged that it really is a huge challenge that might not happen, but that any progress would still be good for the long term...I love the honesty and perspective there.  ALL of you were encouraging, which has pushed me to this place today.

I am going to go for it!  In fact, I went for an 18-mile bike ride yesterday.  Felt good.

My actions and results will speak louder than any bold statements here, so you will not read metaphors of how I am now an unstoppable force, that the race is already won, etc.  Guys like RockStar Tri put much more emphasis on miles logged than clever posts, so I'll keep it short today.

Patrick asked a very touching question that I did not expect.  He wrote "How can we help??".  Good question...I don't know, but I think I could use your help...any and all of you. 

I turn the question back to all of you...what could I do or post that could help to keep me accountable?  

Should I post daily cardio?  Daily food calories?  I have never really posted any of that detail before because it has not seemed so interesting to me, but would it help somehow in my accountability to any of you who might encourage me along through the next 35 days?   Other ideas in terms of how I post or what you would like to see along the way?  Posting daily is a bit more than usual, but would it be helpful? 
Also, RockStar Tri has offered to coach me through a weekly running plan, but I will be cycling too.   I am grateful for that.  I am trying to get back on our schedule this week, Rock.  I'll e-mail you directly.

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated, my friends.

Big Clyde

P.S.  As for our Mrs. Clyde's issue right now, I will keep it vague, but we are all healthy and the relationships are great.  It is an external struggle that is very frustrating and emotional.  We are soldiering on through, but I know it has affected my motivation.  I intend to not let it derail my efforts and will do my best going forward .


wendyinjapan said...

Hi Clyde! Thanks for visiting my site and for the comments. Ganbate to you too :) I look forward to reading about your challenge!

Patrick said...

Ok, you asked for it, what could YOU do or post that could help to keep YOU accountable?

Thirty Five days is a good amount of time yet so reality is you will be tempted to waver, to not eat something you should or not do an exercise you know you should. It will happen...

When it does, let us know AS those feelings are there. Take a moment and collect yourself, and if you feel you are about to make the lessor choice, jump on the blogs and send out an SOS. Hopefully someone will be there for quick turn around and help talk you back onto the right choice.

And even if someone doesn't respond timely, hopefully, the added time will have allowed you the further time & thought needed to come to the right choice yourself.

Thats my idea, off the cuff.

Responsibility iTouchallenge! - Gotta Do It!!

Tricia said...

What do you feel your weak area is? Exercise or food? Maybe tracking those online would help. Or get a few of our email addresses together and check in at the end of the day. I'll take Mondays :)

Christine said...

Well, if you wanted to post your food, I'd be happy to give it an evaluation. If you wanted. Sometimes people don't want a critique though, and that's fine. It's my offer to help!

Otherwise, I can be your cheerleader! I'll even shake some pom pons around for you! Ready for it???


Madame Cur said...

Losing any weight is awesome!!!

I am sorry about your struggles. My family is dealing with some stuff right now that is external and it is so difficult to stay focused on fitness with the stress. For some reason I feel selfish for taking care of me during times like this; like in the big scheme of things, making certain to fulfill my daily runs and count calories is petty in comparison to other responsibilities. But, we MUST take care of ourselves so we can take care of everyone and everything else! (My shoulder angel and devil are arguing about this all the time 'round my head. :))

Zeusmeatball said...

16 pounds in 37 days? yes! you can do it and in fact I will do it with you (email incoming) a time of reckoning has come! (overly dramatic way to say it?...perhaps) but it is coming and I will join you.

As Ever

spunkysuzi said...

I have to agree with Tricia whatever is the hardest thing for you to be consistent with is the one that i would pick to blog about.
I have no doubt that you can and will do it :)

Kimberley said...

I would love to read about your food. I enjoy reading about what other people eat. It is really amazing how different people can eat different things and still lose weight. It is all about your own body and knowing what works for it.

Posting daily really helps me feel accountable and is a great way to share any frustrations with all of us out hear. Sharing your burden can help lighten the load.

I am here for you Big Clyde!!!

Kimberley said...

P.S. Hugs for Mrs. Clyde. Sometimes life is hard.

Anonymous said...

I'd say don't waste time posting things. Spend that time working out. You need to be doing two or three workouts a day.

Workout in the morning, at lunch time and then at night.

If you want to lose the weight you need to step up your exercise. That is really all there is to it. Allez Allez Allez!

Caratunk Girl said...

YEAH you can do it!! Look how far you have come already!

Posting my miles logged for the week keeps me accountable - I know that if I slack I am going to have to tell you all about it. Maybe that will help you too?

Syl said...

for me I would say that I need to track to be successful. Seeing what i have eaten in the day and counting every last little bite or nibble always makes me succeed. To me it's all about accountablity.
We can be here to support you however your success is in your hands, be real with yourself, do what works and in the end you would have done everything you can.
I know you can do this, and i'm excited to join you on the journey.

headbandlady said...

Basically Clyde is comes down to a half a pound a day...that is so do-able...Not sure exactly what you are eating...but, here is my suggestion -- it has helped everyone I know who has tried it...even the skinny minnies that did not need to lose an ounce. Head to Costco...purchase the book "Belly Fat Cure" author Jorge Cruise Cost about $11.00 -- I don't stick to this plan 100% -- but I do use it for the dinner meals, along with "Clean Eating"....really it is about reducing your sugar intake....seriously, did you know a glass of milk has 12 grams of sugar, and that is even non-fat, low-fat, or skim....shocking. Once you get the sugar intake in control....the weight coming off will be easy...but, still exercise like you are, running and biking! I would suggest biking 2-3 times per helps! Keep us posted....and I truly hope this helps you shed the remaining weight you need to lose to get the I-Phone....all the meals in that book, are easy and the whole family could eat them. I was amazed at how good they tasted, and the fact that it is so little prep for each meal. Even pizza receipes...but, a much healthier version. you get to eat tacos, enchilads, pizza, omelets, french toast...but, it is the ingredients that make the Ezekil Bread which is very low in sugar versus the whole wheat version that had tons more sugar than I ever realized....hope something works....I am rooting for ya!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

This is out of left field, but what about a "tune a day" - let us know what you'll be loading onto that iTouch, and build your motivation to earn it at the same time!

Kyle Gershman said...

Ah grasshopper, only you know what motivates you. It is not in the suggesting of us, that will bring you total enlightenment. It is only of the reading by us that we might further guide you in your path.

~HoneyB~ said...

You can achieve this Clyde... Ive seen it in your past posts... look back to your greatest moments in your weight loss journey, figure out what it was then that made it work and pull from that ;)

Christina said...

YOU CAN!!!! Calories and exercise minutes can seem boring, but posting them each week has made a world of difference for me. Good luck, Clyde!