Sunday, August 15, 2010

Goals for the Week

The weekend was great, in part because I was so excited by hitting my most recent weight loss goal.  I ate well on Saturday, not as well on Sunday, but ready to get back to it for the week ahead. 

One of the things I did this weekend was to assemble the weight bench that I ordered from  I will work out with it over the next week or two, then do a review.  My thanks to GuinneMick for recommending this bench to me and for putting together a training plan for me.  Got to work on the guns.  Maybe some before and after pics and some measurements are in order??

GuinneMick has been following along my progress and challenging/encouraging me along the way (we work together).  He is very fit and is smart about what he eats, how he takes care of himself and working out.  He actually told me I looked skinny today (which seems impossible to really believe), but it means that I must look quite a bit different from how I used to look.

This week's goal is an aggressive one.  My friend Michael (from suggested that I might be able to do well on just 1,500 daily calories, at least for awhile.  So, I will do that this week.

I'll also keep up on my cycling and 5k runs.  Goal is 281 for Saturday.  That would be 4 pounds down from last Saturday...seems tough, but I've got 5 more days.  Here we go.

Make it a great week everyone!

Big Clyde


Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

I'll be rooting for you.

Kim Ayres said...

I have to say, I think focusing on calorie intake to this extent is a dodgy approach.

If you drop too low, 2 things happen - first your body goes into starvation mode and starts storing the fat more efficiently - even to the point where you will lose muscle before you lose fat (very dangerous for your heart).

Second, psychologically you become far more obsessed with food as your unconscious starts over-riding your conscious mind as it desperately seeks sustenance.

Also, food is far more than calories - you have to have the right balance of nutrition, vitamins and minerals in order for your body to function correctly. For a man of your size with your amount of activity, 1,500 calories is not going to give you enough.

Finally, the minute you ease off, your body starts accumulating fat at a much faster rate.

Your focus HAS to be on health, rather than calories.

95% of all diets fail - that is, in 95% of all cases of people who lose weight dieting, within 2 years they have put all the weight back on.

It's not jsut about losing it, Clyde, it's about sustaining that loss.

So whatever eating regime you have, it has to be one you can sustain for life, not just for a duration of a few weeks or months - because the moment you stop, it will start going back on again.

Focus on eating healthily - the right foods - and you will lose weight naturally and permanently.

Please, Clyde, avoid harsh restrictive calorie regimes - they don't work and they screw your body up.

Genuinely concerned.


Miz said...

Im with Kim.


But Im opinionated and a kim-aligner that way :)


Josh Healy said...

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Raegun said...

I'm really looking forward to reading about your new weight lifting regimen, Clyde. I have been totally focused on the cardio side of the equation to date and haven't done any weight or resistance training AT ALL. It's on my To-Do list. ;)

Caratunk Girl said...

Always rooting for you - keep up the great work.

And as far as calories & weightloss, I am with Kim - just don't go too much into deficit because then you will get hungry and become the cookie monster. Or at least that is what happens to me. I have found that changing my habits and losing weight slowly has helped me keep it off long term instead of yo exercise really helps...

You are doing awesome keep it up!

Fat Daddy said...

1500 cals? Well Big Clyde, please pay attention to what your body tells you. I know you already know you need fuel for all of those workouts. I hope you can do it, because if you can you will get the kind of surge you need to hit that goal. You are kicking butt man!

Christine said...

Great job achieving your 40 pounds lost goal, Clyde! With proper motivation and focus, you can make your labor day goal. I believe in you.

Scuttleboose said...

Good luck! 1,500 seems like few for someone as active as you, but I'm hoping it works for you! :)

Madame Cur said...

I have my concerns about you lowering calories too, but I am far from an expert. Just make sure to pack plenty of protein along with 5 servings of fruits and veggies into that 1500 calories.

midlife_swimmer said...

I would give yourself a 1500 to 1700 range after this week and make sure you are packing in the water.

guinnemick said...

You do look skinny bro, I'm proud of you... Going down to 1500 calories is dangerous for someone your size.. If your going to do weights, on those days that you lift, make sure you go back to 1700 calories for that day.. I am almost done with your work out program, you better stick to it...

William Hanson said...

Those are some agressive goals... good luck this week.

Michael Mckisson said...

Shrinking Clyde,

I thought I wrote you back saying that you could try 1600 calories, which was 100 calories less than what your doctor said you should be consuming 40 pounds ago. If I said 1500, I meant 1600.

People who commented here are right, you don't want to be too aggressive, but you are also trying to hit your goal for the iPod Touch challenge.

Messing up your health for an iPod is silly. Make sure it is balanced and like Kim said, make sure they are good calories. Good luck.

Ann said...

I enjoy your enthusiasm. Be smart about how you go about reaching your goals, so you'll get there in good health. (1500 seems pretty low, but I see others have commented similarly - you have a great support gallery, who aren't afraid to tell you like it is.) You've done a great job so far! Congratulations on losing 40 lbs. I'm just starting out myself, and I will look forward to following your progress. Love your attitude and dedication!!

Christina said...

What's your lifting plan like? Good luck with the 1500 calories. I don't think I could restrict my intake that much. More power to you! Just be careful not too restrict too much and slow your metabolism.

Christina said...

From The New Rules of Lifting:

(your weight in pounds) x 11

Multiply that number by your activity factor (which is based on your age - I see you're over 40)
Generally sedentary: 1.2
Somewhat active: 1.3
Really active: 1.4
Off the charts: 1.5

Um, I plugged in some numbers. You should be eating a lot according to my bible. They recommend cutting 300 calories/day if you want to lose weight. If you don't see results after two weeks, you can cut back another 200 calories/day. I use the equation the author has for women, and I'm happy with the results. I know one plan doesn't work for everyone, but I just thought I'd throw some numbers at you. :)

Christina said...

Maybe you could experiment around and find a happy medium after the challenge. :) Okay, I promise I'm finished commenting on this post now.