Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Return of The Mexican Food Baby

I know that many of my posts run a bit long, so I'll try to bullet point this one.

In early April, I wrote about how I massively overate at my in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary party.  I called it The Curse of the Mexican-Food-Baby.  (click the link to read).

I have not committed such atrocities since that night, but I gave it a good try last Saturday night.  Here's basically what happened since Saturday morning (ending with near-vomiting and my best personal 5K record!).

  • Weigh in at 278...my lowest in 10 years.  Go to breakfast with the fam and eat very healthy low-cal food.
  • Do errands, go to bike store with my son (Samson) to inspire him !   Mrs. Clyde scopes out the Trek Lexa's...it is nearly time for her to trade out the 8-year-old Mongoose mountain bike.
  • Samson firmly committed to ride the El Tour de Tucson 40-mile race with me on 11/20!  This will be an amazing accomplishment for my 11-year old son, who has never ridden longer than 12 miles at one stretch.  Soon, Samson will be writing some posts for this blog, giving us an update as to his training.
  • My friend, Crazy Jim and I went to see The Expendables.  We first had a dinner at a Mexican restaurant and I overindulged (was I too hungry from the low-cal days before?).  Had two beers (which is a lot for me).  Judgement impaired, which caused me to snack on red vines while I watched Sly Stallone free the villagers from the tyrannical general.
  • By bedtime, I now realize that I am once again "pregnant with a Mexican-Food-Baby".
  • Given that I was over-served on Saturday night, I ate very light on Sunday...maybe too light at about 1,200 calories.
  • No workout.
  • Felt the baby kick all throughout the day.
  • Another light day of eating...still feel the weight of the Saturday night chimichanga, blonde ale and red vines.  Guh.
  • Prior to dinnertime, I realize that my egg-white veggie omelet and "carrots-only" lunch has brought me to 408 calories for the day.  Eat a ham sandwich of 500 calories.
  • Go for a 5k neighborhood run, breaking in my new Brooks Beast shoes!  Mile 1:  10:22, Mile 2:  11:40, Mile 3.1:  13.37.  This totals to a new 5K PR of 34:59!!
  • Stumble into the house and do a #14 in the bathroom* (see below).
  • The run seemed to have upset the baby.
  • Lay on the ground, feeling like I want to vomit.
  • After my stomach feels more settled, I have some multi-grain cheerios at about 9pm.
Feeling great this morning and ate more moderately.  This was just another self-induced speed bump on this road, but I am glad to have quickly recovered (and scored another 5K PR).

Big Clyde

* A few years ago, my boys and I overheard this conversation at a restroom in Disneyland. 
A kid was waiting for his Dad, who was in one of the stalls...

Kid (calling out to his Dad): "Hey, Dad...you still in there?"

Dad (answers from the stall) "Yes, still here." 

Kid:  "Okay...how long?"

Dad (becoming frustrated at the embarrassingly public conversation):  "Soon, I'll be out soon!"

Kid (long pause):  "Are you going #1 or #2?"

Dad (yelling):  "I'm doing a #14, Kevin...alright?"

(This bathroom just became the quietest place at Disneyland, but everyone in there was smiling, except Kevin).


Patrick said...

Wow, went through all that and posted a new PR, that is something unexpected. It is not a plan I will follow though, no tex, mex or tex max baby wanted in my belly. Though there have been plenty there in my days too. How you shaping up for hitting the iTouch goal now?

Big Clyde said...

Patrick...it looked briefly in jeopardy. One typical meal and half a box of Red Vines does that much damage?? I think it was basically a shock to my system, which held on to the food for awhile.

I strongly believe that the iTouch goal is still within reach. Thanks for caring, Patrick.

Patrick said...

I'm sure a #14 will shed a good bit of weight too. Good thing I didn't hear that in person in a public restroom as I would not have been able to contain my laughter.

Kim Ayres said...

I still have huge reserverations about these low-cal days you're having, Clyde. If you drop below a certain level, your body kicks into starvation mode - food cravings become much more severe, resistance of the cravings becomes impossible and your body starts storing the fat like there's no tomorrow.

Low cal diets are, quite simply, at best ineffective in the long term, and at worst quite dangerous.

Focus on eating healthily - properly healthily - good all round balance of carbs, proteins, fruit, veg etc.

Trust me - for 5 years I've been blogging with Losing a Hundredweight and I have seen the pattern again and again. People go low cal and lose the weight for a couple of months and then suddenly it all goes quiet. 5 months later their blog starts up again as they confess it all fell apart and they are now heavier than when they started.

A guy your size, and exercising should easily be able to consume 2,500 and still lose weight sensibly. You should certainly not be dropping below 2,000.

Remember, Clyde, this is not a race - this is about the rest of your life

Lesley @ racingitoff.com said...

We all have our days... good job on the 3 miles... if you slowed down the first mile, I bet you could pull the last mile up a good bit in exchange! Awesome, awesome job.

Andrew Opala said...

It's tough to recover from roller-coaster eating ... it's mostly due to the pancreas and liver function.

Echoing a lot what Kim Ayres said: You need to start eating the same amount of calories with the same mix of carbs/fats/prots consistently. Plus reducing the high Glycemic Index foods.

Then you can slowly reduce the caloric intake. Your body thinks you are a hunter and you don't know when the next meal will be. It will start storing food like crazy to keep you alive. Once you start getting regular, the echo from the liver and pancreas functions will level off and you can start reducing again.

You are doing great so far, and binge eating is common to everyone - just don't flip out. Relax and get back on a consistent routine.

Great 5k PR!

Big Clyde said...

I e-mailed Kim separately, but let me offer some additional perspective to alleviate some concerns.

I would not consider a chimichange, two beers and some red vines an overdose. It is what most people order. When combined with sensible, balanced low-cal meals at lunch and breakfast, I am actually proud that I planned for a heavier meal. I would not consider it roller-coaster eating or binging...it was simply an entree, just heavier than what I am used to.

It was also a heavier day than my recent days which have been vegetable heavy, with good proteins and almost no processed foods. That means I pretty much eat no sugar, etc.

I have been remarkably consistent with exercise and about 1,700 calories for much of the last month. That has been about 3 pounds per week.

My doctor also signs off on the calorie levels. I think I'm okay folks.

Allan said...

Big Clyde. Tell Dr. Ayers that at 5% body fat he is right, not your problem. Licorice should kick you in the tush...

Barbara said...

I'm sorry for your mexican food-baby problems. I love mexican food and would not be able to give it up completely. Your story about #14 got me laughing so hard. If I had been in that bathroom I would have not been able to just quietly smile, I would have been laughing too hard!

Great job on your new 5K PR!

Caratunk Girl said...

Wahooo on the 5k PR!! That is so awesome, you must be so excited!!!

The mexican food baby thing is a riot. Maybe not for you, but it is just funny stuff. #14. ha ha

KJ said...

Hey Clyde, how did Mrs. Clyde like the Lexa?

I've spent a bit more time on mine and I absolutely love it...so much, in fact, that I'm going on a ride in a couple of hours after an incredibly long, busy day! And I hate afternoon workouts!

Interested to hear her opinion...

Raegun said...

I'm so happy to hear you're breaking in The Beasts and completely KILLING your old PR. Way to go! Love the baby analogy....I may have to use that. ;)

RockStarTri said...

You are getting fast!

Ann (-6.5 lbs in 60 lb challenge) said...

A Mexican-Food Baby, hey? Clyde, that was hysterical ... and then I read the # 14 exchange! TOO, too funny!! Congratulations on your personal best on the 5K. AWESOME job. Equally happy you seemed to recover okay. You do realize, I hope, that we are ALL going to use and refer to # 14 now ... :D Lastly, super cool about Samson joining you in November. Bring a fanny pillow. There is a big difference between 12 miles and 40 ... :) xx

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

That's great about Samson, Clyde. Can't remember if I mentioned this before, but we literally bribed our kids (10 and 7) to learn to ride this summer, but now they go out on their own and we've taken some easy family rides. I would love a training partner, and for them to form healthy habits at a young age.

Patrick said...

I have an award to honor you with on my blog today:

Allan said...

I sent you some love on my blog yesterday... Well not love so much as fun for me...

Katy said...

Clyde, you live in AZ, it's a requirement to birth at least 1 mexican food baby per year. I should know, born and bred AZ mexican food eater! #14 got me laughing so hard. I personally call it a #11, or the "V3's" (Violent #3's.)