Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That Ticking Sound is Getting Louder (and some future goals)

There is a great benefit in setting long-term goals.  The goal might be challenging, but with a distant due date, you have time to prepare...the goal doesn't seem so overwhelming if it is months away.  Just keep working away at it, doing the small steps.

But if your goal is time-based (as all good goals should be), then that countdown clock starts ticking louder and louder!  The deadline is approaching and (hopefully), the goal is within reach.  Will he make it in time?  Will she succeed or fail?  Stay tuned.

My "big goal" of 2009 was to compete in my first cycling race, which I did (35 miles in El Tour de Tucson).   In March of 2010, I started eating better and losing weight, but I got pretty comfortable at a quick 30 pound loss and stayed there for two months.

So, my wife challenged me to pick a new goal and we decided that I should hit 275 by Labor Day.  That is 8 pounds away and 11 days away (depending upon your timezone).   That "long-term" goal is now a fast-approaching goal and I intend to make her proud and achieve this.

Several of you have agreed to join me.  Patrick affirmed it over the weekend that he also will drop 10 pounds by Labor Day (9.6.10).  Some of you already committed (but I'm not sure how you are progressing). 

The clock is ticking and the excitement is building.

My Labor Day goal has taken on more significance for me, because if I achieve it, it will mean that I have lost 50 pounds in 6 months.  Some nice symmetry there, which was totally unintentional.  If I fastforward three months to early December, I am now setting a goal for losing another 25 pounds (75 total) on my 45th birthday.  Finally, I still have that goal of running a 5k in under 30 minutes by year-end.

I recently saw a new challenge posted by Courtney and it is called the 100 Day Challenge.  Please check out her website and join us in committing to a new goal for yourself.  Syl is doing a challenge as well with a bunch of people and it revolves around the 30 Day Shred.  That won't be my program, but I may jump in with my own activities.  The point is...challenge yourself and put it out there to have others cheer you on and let's do it together.

I've said it before, but I have stumbled upon my own little formula here that works for me: 
  1. Commit (to a time-based, measurable goal)
  2. Train (for that goal)
  3. Results (which come from the training)
As for Labor Day, I CAN DO THIS (and if I miss my goal, I'll be a lot closer to it than I would be if I hadn't set the goal in the first place!).

For those of you who are new here(!), my wife challenged me in mid-June to lose 20 pounds by September 6th (Labor Day).  If I achieve that, I will be able to buy this toy I have wanted for awhile...the iPod Touch.  In reality, we have the money to purchase it, but for me it is more of an unneccesary "want", not a need.  So, I am happy to earn it (and drop 20 pounds at the same time)!  I call it Mrs. Clyde's iTouchallenge.


Fat Daddy said...

It's like you can see land now Clyde. It's right there for you to seize. How exciting! You can do this and your December goal.

fatty blogsticks said...

b.c, i am so proud of you :-) i've become so invested in your goals - you can do it! i am going to set some long-term goals shortly, thanks for the push.

p.s. you want some reviews leaked? thinking of a trip to australia for a meal under $30? g'day!

Patrick said...

iTouch, iTouch... just keep saying it, iTouch iTocuh... don't worry that people are looking at you funny as you chant, iTouch iTouch...

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Great formula for goals. But you didn't extract a commitment for an iPad or that cruiser you've been wanting for 75 pounds? Mrs. Clyde will deal. Don't miss this opportunity!

Matty O said...

The Itouch will mean so much more to you too since you earned it. Plus it will help you on your continued journey for more weight loss :)


spunkysuzi said...

You've inspired me to challenge myself. Now i just have to figure what challenge would be good :)
I know you can do it!!

Andrew Opala said...

Hey Clyde,

I'll be turning 45 on Sept 25 (and my first 5k race) I've only been running for about 90 days, but I keep loosing belt holes (5 1/2 so far) but my weight fluctuates.

You may come to a point where just weighing yourself may not be a good way to measure.

Andrew Opala said...

BTW getting your wife to be a sober voice along the way is one of the best ways to succeed.

I'd gladly join the challenge, but I'm dedicated to improving my running time and getting better cardiac health (weight-loss is not really a goal).

Maybe after my 5k.

Raegun said...

Right here with you! I'm down about 7 pounds, which leaves me with 8 more to lose by the itouch deadline. I've joined the 100 Day Challenge as well. I love how it is open-ended in terms of the goals and it should keep me on track with my running when the weather gets cold.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Your wife rules. Looking forward to seeing what you put on your playlist.

Caratunk Girl said...

You can do it!! Get your playlist together!!

Seriously, what an inspiration! 50 lbs!!

Ann said...

She's a keeper, BC! You picked well when you married that one. But, if you keep this up (50 lbs in a mere six months), we'll have to start referring to you as Little Shetland ... or maybe just Shetty for short. (Cheeky grin)