Friday, August 6, 2010

Upcoming Product Review!

Are product reviews a blogging rite of passage? 

I was contacted (like several of you) by a friendly person at CSN who encouraged me to do a product review or giveaway.  If you don't know of them, they have a huge assortment of products ranging from a Dutch Oven to fitness equipment, all kinds of cookware and much more.  I am choosing to do a product review.  Look for it soon.  I will be using this bad boy (link)!  Is it a bad sign that I am only interested in exercise equipment that sounds like furniture?   A "padded bench" just sounds comfortable.  We'll see, said the Zen Master.

Hey, GuinneMick - thanks for the recommendation!   Maybe I will finally get some definition to my arms and chest.

So, look in the near future for my review on a product (after I have given it a thorough testing)! 

Make it a great day, everyone!

Big Clyde


Scuttleboose said...

I *love* CSN! :) Enjoy your product trial! :)

Patrick said...

Never heard of CSN. Do you get to keep it free??

Kimberley said...

Exciting! Looking forward to your review.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Welcome to the world of the "influencer". That's the fancy name my wife uses when she talks about the blogging community from her fancy throne as a marketing director for a pretty well known e-comm site.

I don't usaually like doing any bidding for the "man", but the free stuff is rad. And if the "man" is reading this I'm just kidding.

Big Clyde said...

Scuttleboose: Cool! Have you purchased from them?

Patrick: Yes, I get to keep it!

Kimberley and Patrick: This will be fun for me. I did receive some cherry juice from another company months ago, but I didn't care for it, so I didn't do a write-up. This one should be fun.

Raegun said...

Very cool! I was contacted by CSN as well and was skeptical about the whole thing. Ha! I'm pretty new to the blogosphere and all the reviews & giveaways floating around. I'm glad to see it's 'legit' and can't wait to read your review!