Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weigh In - Week 23: A New Personal 5K Record!

Well, we have 30 days left for Mrs. Clyde's iTouchallenge on Labor Day.  Thanks for following along!  Some of you are even joining me to hit a new goal by Labor Day on 9/6/10.  Let's go for it!

Weight Change:  Lost 3 pounds!

Total Loss since 3/1/10: 37 pounds!

Today, I'm feeling:  Great.  Feeling energetic and in that rare zone of wanting to exercise and eat well.

Highlight of the Week:  I have a new personal record for my neighborhood 5K distance:  37:06!

Food:  I am eating about 1,730 calories per day.

Exercise:  Biked or ran nearly every day last week.  Maybe I should combine it like the guy in the pic!  

Saturday:  Biked 18 miles
Monday:  Biked 10 miles
Tuesday:  Walked/ran 3.1 miles (5k)
Wednesday:  Steps for 30 minutes
Thursday:  Ran 3.1 miles (5k).
Weekly bike miles:  28
Weekly run miles:  6.2

Confessional: Solid this week. No deviations from plan.

My Goals for this Week:
• Continue to pursue goal of 275 weight by September 6th for Mrs. Clyde's iTouchallenge!
• Short-term goal is to be at 285 by 8/14!
• Cardio will be walking/running/cycling for at least 5 days this week.
• Maintain about 1,700 daily calories of good healthy food.

Make it a good week everyone!

Big Clyde


Kyle Gershman said...

I'm digging the shoe-bike pic! Ah, the mind of an inventor...wish I had one.

Nice loss dude...iTouch is looking good.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

That is exactly the kind of week we all aspire to - congratulations!

You mention being in "the zone". Have you reflected on what got you there? Do you think you can stay there? How might we get there?

spunkysuzi said...

Love that picture!!
"the zone" a great place to be and where i'm trying to get to :)

Madame Cur said...

Enjoy "the zone"! I wasn't there today, but I ran any way. Guess I can fake it.

Moving Mertle said...

Keep up the great work. I totally wish I was in the "zone" but the fair is here and there are so many goodies like a hot dog inside a baked potato!! Maybe I'll try to think of you (as Fezzik the Giant) standing behind me saying "are you sure?" Also I love all the pictures you have. As a physics tutor this one is confusing me. Would I use rolling friction coefficients or walking?

Patrick Mahoney said...

110% fantastic work! keep it up!

I wonder if those shoe wheels come in a disc version.

Raegun said...

You certainly are in the zone - way to go! I think that iTouch will be yours if you keep it up. ;)

I'd love to join you for the last 30 days of the iTouch Challenge. I think I could benefit from the extra push right now. 30 days feels like just enough time to...I don't know....accomplish something BIG. Ya, that's it. I have a lot of weight to lose. I would like to aim for 15 pounds.

Keep blogging!

Christina said...

Woohoo!! Great week, Clyde! I'm proud of you. Everything looks good: weight, calories, exercise, 5k time... AWESOME!!! Keep it up, my butt-kicking friend. :)

TJ said...

WHOOHOOO! Great loss this week! High 5! :)

Kimberley said...

Great job on the loss and the workouts!

It is amazing what can be done when we put forth the effort. I definitely think the iTouchallenge is yours for the winning!

Love the pic!

Patrick said...

Clyde - way to goman, way to GO!

Happy Fun Pants said...

Hmmmm...I'm thinking about doing a recap like what you've done...I think it's a great idea...and also? WAY TO GO on your time for a 5K. That is phenomenal. :)