Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weigh-In Week 26 - 6 Month Milestone Today

"Hey Andre...How many pounds did Big Clyde lose this week?"

Weight Change: Lost 7 pounds!

Total Loss since 3/1/10:  47 pounds!  This is a milestone day for me.   I have been eating healthy for exactly 6 months, with some sporadic effort at times.  If I can maintain this pretty easy program, what will I weigh in the next 6 months?  I am hoping that I can lose another 3 pounds next week and be at an even 50!  (Also, I should mention that given that I lost 0 pounds last week, some of this loss is likely a holdover from the prior week).

Today, I'm feeling:  Ready to get log some miles in prep for a 5K race on Labor Day.  

Highlight of the Week: People are commenting often now.  It is very flattering and Patrick said it well last week, these comments are maybe the best non-scale victory that anyone can experience. 

Food:  This is the first week that I truly experimented with some reduced calorie days.  I think it worked well, given that I had some evening meetings, a short business trip, etc., so my workouts were limited.  I think it was just balanced.  Some days were very low 1,300 and others were 1,700 and 2,200.  Balance, balance, balance.  I think that when I am at a good weight, I will enjoy regular portions and typical yummy desserts, but then back off for the next few meals.  I wonder if I really have a handle on this now, or if am going to go back to my old ways someday. 

Monday:  Biked 7.6 miles
Wednesday:  Cardio for 30 minutes
Friday: Walked 2 miles, ran 2 miles

Weekly bike miles: 7.6 miles
Weekly walk/run miles: 4 miles

My Goals for this Week:
• Continue to pursue goal of 275 weight by September 6th for Mrs. Clyde's iTouchallenge!
• Short-term goal is to be at 276 by 9/4!
• Cardio will be walking/running/cycling for at least 5 days this week.
• Maintain about 1,700 daily calories of good healthy food.

(This clydesdale just got his new Brooks Beast running shoes...time to get them dirty!)

Make it a good week everyone!

Big Clyde


Ann (-2.5 lbs in 60 lb challenge) said...

Hey, congratulations on your AWESOME 6-month milestone, and 47 pounds GONE!! I'm excited for you, Clyde - and you've been a great inspiration too! Keep up the good work (as if you had to be told). I hope you'll help me celebrate my 6-month milestone (January 20th). I can only dream that it'll see 47 lbs, but I'll take whatever I get, as long as I keep on the healthy path. Love the short-term goal. Funny guy!! xx

Raegun said...

Congrats on the loss! I didn't know that you were training for a 5k on Labor Day. I have a feeling Sept 6 is going to be a huge day for you to celebrate. Be sure to come back and tell us all about it!

Somehow I managed to lose 5 pounds this week. Participating in your iTouch challenge vicariously has been fabulous at keeping me accountable, Clyde. Thank you!
Have a great weekend

Andrew Opala said...

Great news. Good luck in the race - you will be great!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Wow, Clyde. Your patience and perseverance is paying off! Love the Andre pic - have you been saving it for this occasion?

Enjoy the Beast! (I do)

TJ said...

WOW! Great job this week!! Congrats on the 6 month mark! :) YOu are going strong!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Fantastic, man. Enjoy the new shoes...

I Said So... said...

Great job. You are a real inspiration.

Is Mrs. Clyde your wife? Is she trying to lose with you?

Keep up the good work.

Miss S. said...

You are doing amazing-it has be feel so satisfying to know you SET a goal of good health and are ACHIEVING it. Thanks for being so inspirational.

RockStarTri said...

Well done!

Allan said...

Freakin Awesome !!

Patrick said...

You are on fire Clyde... stay clear of all sources of water, you want to keep on blazin away. Balance and Miles seems to be your theme here. Speaking of themes, your going to need a cool theme song to load up on your soon to be new iTouch. Your progess is infectious - Blaze On friend!

Jo said...

Great job, Clyde!

Janet said...

keep making good choices! You are doing great!

Fat Daddy said...

Dude you are flat kicking butt right now. It's awesome to see your progress and see you in the groove.

Comments can be fuel indeed can't they?

Kimberley said...

Congratulations Big Clyde...pretty soon you are going to have to change your name to Getting Smaller Clyde!

Lesley @ said...

Smokin'! You are so close to goal day, and I bet you'll slide in with ease. Awesome that it's all semi-easy and becoming second nature. I can get into exercise, but I have issues with counting calories. Looking forward to hearing the Labor Day Victory song.

Kyle Gershman said...

Yeah...our bodies can't always read the calendar and lose weight on a schedule.

7 pounds is awesome no matter when it happens. Holdover from the week before or whatever.

You show that body whose boss!

Raegun said...

There is an award for you over at my blog...!

Tony Bowles said...


Christine said...

HOOORAYYYYY! Congrats Clyde!!!

Katie J said...

What a great post! Love the inspiration and attitude Cylde. Keep on chuggin!

Barbara said...

Great loss! Good luck with the 5K!