Sunday, August 22, 2010

What I Eat: 1700 Calories Per Day!

Here is my much-postponed nutritional post where I'll show what I eat to get to 1,700 calories per day.  Feel free to comment if you have suggestions, etc.

Recently, there has been a lot of helpful questions or comments regarding my plan to eat only 1,700 (or even 1,500  calories). Some have wondered if it is healthy for me to eat that little. I believe it is fine. My doctor says it's fine (he is pretty close to my height).  And many of us bloggers know that there are some pretty well-known weight-loss champions that have lost hundreds of pounds doing this over long periods of time.  (C'mon fellas...back me up on this one.  Tony, Fat Daddy, Sean, Jack, Allan, etc.?).

Yet, I also know that I am relatively new to all of this and I want to state that I really do value the advice that I receive from those of you with more experience than me.  It's all good.

For some perspective, I will always be a big guy.  Though I am still very heavy at 285 pounds, I am also quite tall at 6'4" with a large frame. I have no other medical issues and never feel hungry, etc.  My job sometimes involves sitting throughout the day, but most often, I am driving to see customers.  I do cardio workouts about 4-5 days per week (usually).

Here is what I generally will eat in a (approx) 1,700 calorie day:

Breakfast - 215 - 380 calories
4 egg whites
1 cup asparagus
half jalapeno pepper
1/2 cup mushrooms
turkey pepperoni or grilled chicken (80-100 calories)
and maybe 1 cheese stick (80 calories)

Morning Snack - 100 calories
apple or banana

Lunch - 600 calories
Foot-long Subway Ham sandwich
no cheese
tons of veggies
red vinegar dressing
(cream in morning coffee)

Afternoon Snack - 50 calories
1 cup baby carrots

Generally by dinnertime, I have consumed approximately 1,050 - 1,200 calories.  I try to eat most of my calories at lunch or at least before dinner.

Dinner - 400-500 calories
Campbell's Chunky Healthy Request Chicken Gumbo Soup
Chicken or Turkey Pepperoni (100)
String Cheese (100)
Cereal & Non-fat Milk with fruit
? (400-500 calories)

Night Snack - 100 calories
Yoplait Light Yogurt
or gelato (90 calories)

I drink approximately 3 litres of water or diet green tea every day.  I also drink a 20 ounce venti Americano each day.  If I get my hands on some Grey Goose vodka, I count those calories too (69 cals per shot).  I never have more than a double (maybe once a month). 

Though there are some variations, I tend to eat most of these foods each day.  It is rare that I eat much processed food (at least compared to most people I know).  I also am not really into cooking (other than the eggs) so I prefer foods that I can eat quickly or on-the-go.

If I have pizza, it is thin-crust Hawaiian 2-3 slices, which means I better eat a bit lighter elsewhere throughout the day.  I don't binge, but I have not always been consistent at this calorie or exercise level.

This is my sworn testimony.

Big Clyde


Patrick said...

1700 sounds perfect to me. I do 1700 - 2000 a day, I wouldn't think about doing less myself. Some do and it works for them so I don't believe there is one magical number. If anything the number you choose likely needs to be influenced by your other health factors, your ability to perform exercise, etc.

We know that you are an exercise maching, so taking in less then 1700 I would suggest might leave you lacking in the energy you need.

Go gett'em Clyde... iTouch is there to be had :-)

Bethanny said...

Just wondering-- how much is your daily water intake?

Big Clyde said...

Patrick, as always, I am grateful for your wisdom, wrapped up in common sense. Thanks so much for joining me in this. We can both drop the 10 by Labor Day.

Bethanny, great question. I will answer above in a P.S. in the post (but I drink a ton of water each day).

Miss S. said...

I love vodka-mostly with bloody mary's. A big salty detour.

Your food choices sound good. I always hold back enough calories for a glass of milk at night. It always squelches sweet cravings for me.

spunkysuzi said...

Looks like your doing great!!

Syl said...

I use to eat 1700 calories a day when I was training for my half marathon. I found I needed the extra calories but now that I have cut back I stay between the 1200-1400 range and like you don't feel deprived. I say if your doctor is ok with it and you don't feel like you are starving then it's ok. You are the best judge of what your body needs, I think you are doing great!
Oh and you are more than welcome to join the challenge when you are able to I don't have any strict rules ;0). I will post more details closer to the first week of Sept! Welcome aboard!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Clyde, thanks for the detail above. My approach of testing 16 different plans precludes a "routine" for now, but once I eventually land on one, I'll return the favor with a similar post.

A few thoughts. Egg whites and greens for breakfast is a miracle. I sail through the morning just fine on a low amount of calories. I'm taking note of your abstention from cheese. I eat more cheese than I should, definitely, and it's going to have to go when I get back to a low calorie approach. So thanks for the leadership on that. And I have a pet peeve about that yogurt because it has high fructose corn syrup, but that doesn't keep my wife from buying it for our kids (another pet peeve!)

I'm glad you're hitting it at the 1700 calorie level. I know some go very low with calories, but there's no reason you can't lose a lot of weight at 1700, so why risk the concerns that come with an ultra-low-calorie approach?

Great work as always. Good luck with the rest of the iTouch challenge!

Fat Daddy said...

You can do it Clyde. My only caution was to listen to your body. I went with less than 2000 per day, and many of those days may have been as low as 1700.

But if you are feeling good, and are getting results...go for it man!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Does 1700 put you on track for 1 1/2 to 2 lbs weekly? Quick math seems like it would. I think the meal plan looks great, you are eating some tasty hearty stuff so it's I'm sure it's easy to keep on track.

What's phase II of the clydesdale project? Up the ante on the running/biking/racing side?

Kim Ayres said...

2 main things to always take into consideration:

1. If you find yourself getting hungry to the point of craving, you've gone too far

2. Could you sustain eating this way for life? If not, then what's going to happen once you reach target weight?

My absolute mantra is, Focus on being healthy and the best possible weight loss (not damaging and not temporary) will happen as a natural side effect.

Debby said...

When people post their food intake like you did, I always kind of plug it in to the Weight Watcher programs healthy guidelines. I think they're a good guideline to gauge most diets by.

You seem to be pretty much hitting all of them.

Water, lean protein, whole grain, fruit and veg, healthy oil (hard to understand our bodies really do need fat!), calcium (yes, even men need calcium).

Sounds like you're doing well. Keeping it healthy, eating what your bod needs. Keep up the great job!

christine said...

Honestly Clyde, you and I seem to eat quite similarly. The only difference is that I eat 800 calories a day and you eat 1700! I have no comment about how many calories you eat -- I'm not a guy and I'm not even close to being as tall as you, so it seems completely natural that you should eat more calories than me!

One thing that has changed for me in my "weight-loss life" (as opposed to my "get fat life") is that I eat a lot of high-fat foods nowadays: cheese, nuts, fish, skim milk, avocados, etc. I eat these in moderation of course, but prior to weight loss I would avoid high-fat foods at all costs! Similarly, I avoid eating carbs when at all possible. So...just based on my own experience, if I were to critique your food plan above, I think the ONLY thing I'd suggest is to get your sandwich on a tortilla/wrap to cut some of the carbs, but then replace the missing calories with a handful of almonds. Overall, I see lots of veggies, lots of protein, a lot of variety. I love that!

Keep up the good work Clyde.

Scuttleboose said...

That's a really nice menu that you've got going on. I'm sure that part of your success is because of your food choices! Great post :)

Just Me said...

I love that, My Sworn Testimony. Sometimes I wish I was 6' 4" (not really, but I can always dream of eating more). Way to go on your weight loss so far. I'm sure you'll hit your goal by keeping all the processed food out of your life. Keep it up.

Ann said...

THAT looks like one healthy menu. Great job! Do you take a vitamin supplement, just to be sure you are hitting all the basic nutrients? Keep up the good work!! xx

bikesncoffee said...

Hey Big Clyde, I stumbled on your blog a few weeks ago and really enjoy it. Great job on the weight loss AND the blog, It's been an inspiration and getting me excited again about eating right and biking more again. (I've been losing weight slowly but surely for the past 3 years) Keep up the good work! -Fellow Clyde

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

I went to Subway for lunch today and ordered the Big Clyde!