Thursday, September 23, 2010

Don't Cry Over Spilt Champagne

Ah yes...good times.  You might have read recently that I reached a huge milestone goal...that's right, I lost 50 pounds in about 6 months and my wife bought me an iPod Touch.  Many of you congratulated me at the virtual celebration party.  Much virtual champagne was spilled during the celebration festivities.  High-fives all around.

I followed along on your blogs and have been cycling with my son and yes, still celebrating the wonderful feeling of hitting the milestone goal.  Drinking the rest of the celebration champagne that was in the fridge.

Oh, and work has been know, some work travel too.  And Mrs. Clyde still has this huge stressful thing that she is struggling through, so that has been on our minds.  The "champagne" helps with that too.

And now, I am realizing that I have failed at my "make good choices every day" routine that enabled me to lose the 50 pounds.  I have been so busy "enjoying" my success, that I have begun to erode that success.

True, there has been no actual champagne consumed, but for the past week or so, I have eaten horribly and just settled in to my old sedentary habits.   I have played with the kids, we have gone out to eat, I have fiddled around with the iPod Touch...and did I mention the horrible eating??

So, it is time to get off the couch, put down the cereal bowl and quit the celebrating of the milestone goal and begin working toward my future goals. 

Speaking of goals, I think I need to get a new short-term challenge to jump start me...something intense over the next week or 10 days.  Anyone else out there notice that they have fallen and can't seem to get up?  Any ideas for something short-term?

UPDATE:  I'VE ACCEPTED PATRICK'S CHALLENGE:  50 MILES FROM FRIDAY MORNING THRU SUNDAY NIGHT.  PICK YOUR POISON AND JOIN US.  And over the weekend, let's think of something to do within the next two weeks or so.  See you out there this weekend, my friends.

Big Clyde


Patrick Mahoney said...

Do a 50 mile Saturday (or Sunday, or weekend; whatever the right day/goal is). Any combination of biking running walking up to 50 miles. I'll give you a The Roads "50 Mile Badge" which I just made up 5 seconds ago.

Matty O said...

Unfortunately right there with you bud!

Celebration feels so good and is sooooo much easier than working.

I am giving myself until my 20 mile run Saturday morning to get my act back together.

Happy Fun Pants said...

I've signed up for the 100 day challenge (I know you know this), but I'd be all for doing a 7 day or 10 day thing to help me (us?) get started in the right direction again.

Unfortuantely I'm low on ideas. I blame it on the Matthew McConaughey picture.

Bruce said...

I've been stagnant for all too long myself. I am doing really well on working out, but I need to be better about watching portions. Working out hard leaves you hungry for sure!
I think most of us associate food with celebration and it gets us all at one time or another. We are also getting into the most dangerous time of year. Here comes the Halloween through New Years bloat-a-rama!
Let's pull together and get a short-term challenge that we can all do even if we are doing another long-term one. How about "I Am Tough Enough To Not Exceed my Target Calories for 10 Days Challenge!" Let's call it the Target Challenge and report our net gain or loss from the start to the finish.
If you want to do something like this, pick the start day and we can post in the comments.
What do you think?

Lucas said...

I'm currently on Day 17 of a 100 Day challenge so I suspect that is more than you are looking for.

How about your age.

I know it seems far but you CAN do it! I'm 41 and went 43 miles a few weeks back. I think I'll make it a yearly tradition.

Madame Cur said...

These are good ideas! Clyde, I would totally join you and others for a challenge. I have been working out mostly steady, but after eating really well for two weeks, I've enhaled sugar today (seriously, I should have just snorted it). I am preparing for a big, long exam tomorrow and I am hoping to be over the crash this sugar will leave me in. This weekend and next week I'd be open for a good challenge.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

How about putting the Touch away until you've lost the weight again + ?

Caratunk Girl said...

I am with you Clyde - I need a kick-start. I like the 50 mile idea to celebrate your 50lb you are still celebrating, but just in a different way...You could make it a week or 10 days? Could make it a blog challenge or something.

I am going for a run right now!! You got me moving! :)

Luke said...

how about the go 100 miles in a week (run/walk/bike) while listening to the Ipod touch- challenge.

Andrew Opala said...

I'm tapering down for my race on Saturday ... give me a couple of days. I'll think of a challenge. bwahahaha!

Susietri said...

Kovas, you are evil. But good idea.

Lesley @ said...

I'm feeling the same way... this week is a taper and my lack of running has sent me to the fridge instead. Ugh. Must get off it and lose this last 15 pounds. So name your challenge, I'm in. ;-)

Just Me said...

I believe we will always need to be on guard (it will only get easier as time goes on) or otherwise we may slip back into our old habits.

A cross we must bear (lol). Oh well, it's not that bad, right? Back to it now! You'll be fine.

TJ said...

it's not always easy staying on plan. everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. :) YOu can do it, besides you got tunes to listen to as you exercise, how cool is that! :)

Patrick said...

Future goals... small or big, just have them.

Hey, what kind of cereal was it that you put down& walked away from?

RockStarTri said...

I always need future goals to focus myself. It helps fight the day to day battles.