Saturday, September 25, 2010

New CSN Give-Away

The wonderful folks at have again asked this big Clydesdale to do a product review or give-away.  This time, it is all about you, my friends.  I am about to launch the easiest give-away you have ever entered.

Look for details soon, but for now, please browse the several different sites associated with  The two lucky winners will each get a $25 credit to be used for any of the csn products.  They have everything you could want:  sporting goods, cookware, and even furniture like dining room chairs.  In the past, I have used their athletic equipment, but you can buy whatever you want.

Look for a future post on this and we will get it rolling. 

Big Clyde


Allan said...

Will Neil Young be part of the prize. I always thought his inclusion in the band made CSN that much better. Oh, my bad, it's the online company trying to get you to hawk their stuff as a prize. Sorry..Was that harsh ?

Lucas said...

I just won big over at Jack Sh*t's place so I can't decide if I should sit this one out, or roll the dice because I'm on a hot streak! :)

Patrick said...

Allan - LOL

Have a good weekend Clyde!