Thursday, September 30, 2010

OktoberFast Challenge - Who's In?

There are several challenges out there.  If you are into one and it is working for you, then stick with it.  But if you aren't doing one right now, or want to add in a short-term goal, then this might be for you.

Here are the details, then an explanation:
  • Patrick from The Road and I came up with this one, based on last weekend's 50-Mile Challenge.
  • Starts October 1 through October 31.
  • Pick your goal:  mileage (walking/running/cycling) or pounds to lose (or a personal record?)
  • Weekly updates as to progress (I'll create a new post each week specifically for your comments).
  • Each week, try an "Oktoberfest-themed" thing and tell us about it.   Maybe you review a different beer each week, like a great Amber Lager...maybe you cook some brats and review them, or make a healthy apple strudel.   Just something that keeps us in the spirit of the good food and drink of the season.
The main goal is this:  use these 31 days to get disciplined toward one personal goal. 

Move Fast. 
Lose Fast. 

If this seems fun and we get people on board, we will create a prize (okay, maybe a "virtual prize") for all the participants.

You have 31 days.  Get busy.

Now, the explanation...

Challenges are useful to me.  Some of you don't need them.  That is fine, but many of us (including Patrick and I) thrive with challenges out in front of us.  When I am just doing the day-in, day-out status quo, I fall towards the comfortable and it's not as fun.  I have to have a carrot out in front of me, even if it is just a number to chase.  Also, I like it when I am surrounded by others who are striving. 

Why OktoberFast?  Well, the month gives it a short-term, which is pretty useful.  But I always get excited about the idea of "Oktoberfest", though I am not a big beer drinker and have never been to an Oktoberfest event.  But I like the idea of something pretty timeless:  red-cheeked people at a festival outdoors as the colors are changing with silly music and tons of rich, hearty food.  Not a lot of sadness at an Oktoberfest event.  At least, that's how I picture it.  The event seems to signify that change in the seasons between summer and fall, where things are changing and we get to revel in it.

Many of us are working on changing ourselves.  So, let's have some fun with it and do this together.

Please comment below and let us know what mileage or weight goal you will set for yourself for October.  We'll post it up in a few days and ask for updates as we go along.

Big Clyde and Patrick


Ann (-12 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Clyde, Oktoberfest is actually held in September, ENDING (usually) the first weekend in October, so you have to move quickly to find a celebration! LOL

I'm going to cheer everyone on to success, for this challenge, rather than participate in it.

I love the idea, but beer, brats and apple desserts are not on my diet - so I couldn't keep up that end of it (the fun Octobery part).

It will be fun to watch challenger progress during October though! Good success to All !!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am in,

I pledge to complete all assigned workouts in the month of October

And its my B Day month

Caratunk Girl said...

I am so behind on my blog reading!!

OK I am in, I need something to keep my butt in gear. I want to NOT GAIN any weight in October and get to the pool (1hr 30m away) at least 1x/week.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

With my first half-mary October 31, my goal is to run at least 14 miles per week, plus the half-mary, for 65-70 total October miles.

Raegun said...

Count me in! I'm setting my sights on 50 MILES ON FOOT this month. This should force me to get in 3 sessions of Couch-to-5k each week with a couple of bonus 5ks thrown in for good measure. I will also be DRIVE-THRU FREE this month. This is more about caffeine withdrawal than junk food, but important nonetheless! ;)
BONUS: My weekly Tasty Tuesday recipe features will include beer and seasonal fair as much as possible this month. Yum!
Thanks for arranging this Clyde & The Road.

Patrick Mahoney said...

I realized last night (as I was destroying a plate of Tandoori chicken, ironically) that October is going to be a very light training month. I have to Taper for the OC Tri which is the 10th, then I promised my body and my wife to go light on the training this month to rest and finish a living room remodel. So my goal is to be at or below the weight I am on race day despite the decreased training load.

Lucas said...

Hmmmm, how can I combine my 100 Days with this? When that Gruve arrives that I won over at Jack Sh*t's place, I'll somehow incorporate that into setting a goal for myself. I might be a bit late but I will be diving in with GUSTO soon! Thanks for the short term focus.

LauraLynne said...

Ok - my mileage goals for October:
swim: 24,000 yards (480 total laps)
bike: 200 miles
run: 50 miles

TRI714 said...

Im in -

swim- 10,0000 meters or 6.2 miles.
bike- 250 miles
run- 50 miles

goal weight- 205 lbs.

pinkvision said...

Hi Clyde

I've been lurking for a while. Am still too heavy and feel too clumsy to trust myself on my lovely bike but am looking forward to getting back on her when I am a little more fit & lighter! Have just started back on my swimming so this will be an added incentive to keep on track.

swim goal: 10.5 miles or 16800 m
hike goal: 5 x 90 minute treks

Patrick Mahoney said...

Pinkvision, loving your swim goal...

heather said...

I'm in. Didn't do so super hot in September reaching my goals. October is a new month. The weather is cooling, the leaves are changing, the beer's getting darker...I love it.

Run goal: 50 miles
X train: 3x week
Weight loss goal: 5 lbs.

Thanks for the challenge.

lindsay said...

I'm here from Patrick/The Road. I tend to slack off in these blogger challenges but I figure I'll give it another go.

I've been bouncing around with health issues for a few months so my main goal will be to workout for at least 30min every day. In theory, that way if I can't run I will at least go for a walk, do yoga, do corework... I should also probably aim to lose 5 lbs (I need more but we'll set the bar a little easier). As for the cooking - well I don't do that very well. I'll try to enjoy some fall candy :)

Kathleen said...

I am here from Patrick/The Road as well.
I just started working with a coach so my challange can be to complete all the planned training sessions minus (2-3). I say this as I have a conflict with tomorrow's training plan and also life gets in the way sometime. The plan is very run focused this month which will make it more of a challenge as I am by far one of the slowest runners out there.
The best I can do on the food, is try out new candy :) I love candy corn!

Cynthia O'H said...

My goal is volume - 150 miles of running; 100 miles of cycling. But, I can't do the Octofest part; I'd end up sick as a dog if I ate or drank any of it. Wait, I'll add in some October recipes!!

Megan said...

I'm in a couple days late...My goal is to focus on weight training - full body iron pumping 3 times a week for the whole month. Cheers to getting in shape!

Diana Tries-A-Tri! said...

I'm late to the party too, but I hope I'm still invited. My goal is go get one speed session and one long run in each week. I've been letting my running slack and with a couple fun runs coming up I don't want to be heaving at the finish line of a 5k! Thanks for the great challenge!