Sunday, October 3, 2010

OktoberFast Challenge: UPDATE Week 1/5

Hey everyone!  Thanks for joining in this challenge. 

I see that some people are still joining in (as recently as today) and that is awesome!  If you want to, please use the graphic above (created by Patrick at The Road) and put it on your own site to show people what you are doing.  For each update, I'll post this link to show who is in and their goals for the month.

So, this will be the first of 5 Sunday night posts where you can comment in and let us know how you are progressing toward your goals.  The final UPDATE will be on 10/31, which will end the challenge.  I hope everyone is doing well!

For me, it was a busy weekend.  I ran 3.1 miles on Friday night and did 15 cycling miles on Saturday and another 15 cycling miles on Sunday.   It was not exactly what I wanted to get done this weekend, but trust me, I am just getting started!

How did you do in these first few days of OktoberFast?

And let's not forget, there is a fun "Oktoberfest" element to this!  Does anyone have any recommendations, reviews or recipes for something yummy that fits in with this season?  I am going to be sticking pretty close to my calorie budget, but with the increased cardio, I will splurge in small quantities to try some good beer, or some other "Oktoberfest"-themed food.  What should I try?

Big Clyde


Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

You go, Clyde. I think you're off to a great start. Finish strong!

pinkvision said...

Hi Clyde, that's an awesome start.

This week, 0.5 miles swimming and at the weekend, one 90 minute walk.

I have a friend who is from north Germany, I will ask her about Oktoberfest stuff.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Since my goal is running:

Saturday 10 mile trail run
Sunday 2.5 mile trail run with my son

Megan said...

So far, one weight lifting session out of 13 done. Gonna get in the gym today to get in day 2. Thanks for the motivation!!

Raegun said...

You're off to a great start, Clyde. I had a good weekend as well. I accomplished 7/50 miles on foot and managed to stay drive-thru free. I'm having caffeine withdrawals, lol.

I'm going to be posting a Fall stew recipe as part of my "tasty tuesdays" recipe feature tomorrow. Pop by for a healthy meal idea....well, if you don't count the beer that's in it. ;)

Lucas said...

Kashi makes some great pumpkin granola bars that are pretty good snackin'!

I had my best girl in town this past weekend so other than 90 minutes of Yoga, I didn't get any workouts in, but I am RIGHT BACK AT IT today! :)

Nice job with your 33 miles!

Happy Fun Pants said...

Go, Clyde, Go!

I tried Sam Adam's Ocktoberfest beer a few weekends ago and it was tasty.

Also tried a Pumpkin Ale last week that wasn't as tasty.

What? Oh, the challenge was on exercise? Sorry.

Bob said...

There is Octoberfest here in Southern Ontario very soon in Kitchener, Ontario.

It is not as far as Germany!!!!

TRI714 said...

thus far ;
swim = 1100 meters
bike 70 miles
run 3.4

Patrick said...

Try, try it all. One bite of each. Ok, that is unrealistic. Sauerbraten will make you wise, Rouladen will make you strong. Go for those and wash'em down with a good beer; all this while on a run of course.

Raegun said...

As promised! A tasty OktoberFast recipe (including bier!) is now available over at:

lindsay said...

belated checking in, but i am on track so far! well, minus the actual oktoberfest stuff but i'm a mess in the kitchen...