Monday, October 11, 2010

OktoberFast Challenge: UPDATE Week 2/5

Another week is gone, so how did everyone do?

As for me, it was a poor week in terms of mileage, but I saw that one coming.  I had some other commitments on the schedule, so I only got in 10 miles on the bike.  I'm off work on Monday and Tuesday, so I'll get a bit caught up then and into the week.    Should be fun!  (But I do need to get my food under control, and fast!). 

Update:  Samson and I just did 25 miles on the bike!  He will write about it soon!

Now, your'd everyone do?

Also, does anyone have any beer or Oktoberfest-themed recipes we should be trying? 

Big Clyde

P.S.  Here's a quick pic from the Tour de Fat.  I was not shy.


Lucas said...

That viking outfit would go a LONG way up where I live. :) I had a good week and a weekend that was so-so. Got in 23 miles on my bicycle but that was the ONLY workout of the weekend. Plus there was some pizza and some wine. But even so, the scale STILL has me in the weight bracket I want to be (just barely) and so I am calling that good. And I plan to totally dominate this week and do a better job this coming weekend!

And so jealous of your Monday and Tuesday off work! Have a great time in the saddle.

Luke said...

Great picture! I am sure you can make up the mileage still.

lindsay said...

I am doing ok so far. I am aiming for 30-min/day and missed one day so far because I was moping the death of a friend this weekend. Other than that I have been good at enforcing the 30-min instead of being lazy. Great photo! Very intimidating :)

Matty O said...

Love it. HAHA, you even had a "helmet" on :)

Glad you are enjoying yourself and keeping workouts fun!

Keep it up!!!

Diana Tries-A-Tri! said...

Hahaha, love the costume!

I got my long run in (in the form of a virtual race) but didn't get my speed work in. I'll have my themed post done soon as well!

LauraLynne said...

I'm off to a slower start than I would have liked but here's my totals as of today:
swim: 24,000 yards
bike: 200 miles
run: 50 miles

Total so far:
swim: 8450 yards (15,500 left)
bike: 50.4 miles (149.6 left)
run: 17.92 miles (32.08 left)

This week and next week are base weeks for me though which mean a lot higher mileage - this should climb significantly so I will reach my goals!!

pinkvision said...

Great horns! :) Looks like you had lotsa fun!

Last week, not good on the swimming, but I have a plan to redress that over the next few days. The walking, well, didn't do a whole 90 minutes, but did put in more than that on several trips to various places where I normally might have driven. So feeling good about my goals.

Megan said...

Nice viking costume! My goal is to do 13 days of weight lifting this month and I've done 3 so far. Off to the gym tonight for another one.

Lucas said...

BTW, Got myself registered for 2 5K's. Wasn't that part of Oktoberfast? One Monster Mash on Oct. 30th and one Turkey Trot on TG.

TRI714 said...

Dude!!!!! you are a fricken Viking !! did the kids have fun ??

October numbers thru 10-11-10

swim- 1.85 miles
bike- 103 miles
run- 13 miles

spunkysuzi said...

Well it's the big Octoberfest festival here in Kitchener, Ontario Canada. Second biggest one in the world :)
I did try pumpkin ale this week, not too shabby if i do say so!

heather said...

Love the Viking getup!

No recipes, but I have been drinking Saranc Pumpkin Ale. Yum!

As far as the challenge, I'm doing okay on my running, but slacking on my strength training.