Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday, Little Clyde and the 2nd Best Bruise

It is so great to see that many of you have signed up for the OKTOBERFAST Challenge.  I hope that it encourages you to get some great results this month.

It is already working for me.  This will be brief, but I drove my truck to the local repair shop to get some maintenance work done on it.  I took my son and our two bikes with us and we rode back home (3.5 miles).
By the way, this was my younger son, who is 9-years-old.  He is resigned to the fact that he won't be joining his soon-to-be 12-year-old brother with me on the 40 mile route of El Tour de Tucson.   He'll be doing the 6-mile fun ride.  But he did do a 5K walk/run with me last summer and may do another before the end of the year.  The little man is fast!  Until now, he was nicknamed "CuppaJoe".  Today, he said that he wanted to change his nickname on this blog to "Little Clyde"  How cool is that? 

We got home right before it started raining and a storm warning was issued.  Needing to get more miles in, I actually dragged out my "cyclops", or Cycle Ops Fluid 2 trainer.   I bought this pricey baby on eBay last year (because I was advised that cheaper models wouldn't hold my weight).  I hated it last fall and winter because it was so uncomfortable.  Tonight, I got on for the first time in maybe 10 months (at a much lower weight!).  It rocked.  I stayed on for about 45 minutes at an estimated 16 mph pace.  So, that was another 12 miles today. 

I also did a very slow 5K walk/run last night.  Embarrasingly slow, but at least I got it in. 

Mrs. Clyde was attending to a family friend for much of the day and we all did some prep work for Samson's birthday party tomorrow.  Our boy is turning 12!  This morning, he went to a paintball park with some friends.  It was his first time and he was concerned about the pain (we Clydes try to avoid pain at all costs).  Near the end of their three-hour battle, we received this text "I have the 2nd best bruise, besides Travis, who is bleeding!"  I told him that bleeding is a sign of weakness, so his bruise is #1 in my book!    What a tough guy!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Big Clyde


Debbie said...

Wow you guys are amazing. A 40 mile bike ride is something to really look forward to. I also think riding you bikes home from the Mechanics was really cool.

spunkysuzi said...

Having the whole family join you in fitness has to feel great! Way to go guys.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Thanks for sharing about your Cycle Ops trainer. I've always wondered about those. I bought a stationary bike last winter, and it's OK, but I've always wondered about the trainers. Let us know about your experience with it.

Ann (-14 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

LOL ... I've never thought of bruises as having rank, but there you go, from the world of a pre-teen young man (almost officially). My favorite was the name change request from Little Clyde! I have a feeling you'll be doing a lot of catching up, when HE goes on those marathon rides one day! He sounds like he is going to be the family pace-setter. Great job on the exercising, Clyde. The training sounds like it is going well. What a fun update! I think you'll have this challenge, no worries!

Raegun said...

Ha ha ha - I like your approach to injury ratings!

Debbie said...

Clyde, I have a award for you over on my blog. Love your posts..

heather said...

Sounds like you're having a great weekend! Happy Birthday to Samson!!!

Debby said...

You rock at your exercise and stuff...but as a Mom, and a Grandma, the best thing EVER about this post for me was the name change. It's the highest form of compliment when our kids want to emulate us. Hell sometimes it's amazing they even want to be with us! Enjoy that. Revel in it.

Lucas said...

What a proud poppa you must be! Your boys are amazing and they are so lucky to be watching your healthy example Clyde. Keep it up and WAY TO GO!

Christina said...

Little Clyde! I love it! Your boys are handsome young men. Happy birthday to Samson!

Keep up the exercise momentum, Clyde! You are doing fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Hey, TIm. "OktoberFast." I love it. Nicely done.

Nice blog, too.

Best of luck with the challenge. Sounds good.