Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Next Chapter

Today was our final day at the church we have been attending for the past six years.  We have been VERY involved in leadership positions, yet it has been tremendously challenging (and time-intensive) for me and Mrs. Clyde for the past year.  We wanted to leave when the timing was right and it wouldn't cause anyone else to stumble in their faith, feelings about church, etc.  Today was that day.  Our faith remains extremely solid and we are looking forward to a break before we find a new church home. 

Given that this occurred a week after El Tour, I have found myself in a very contemplative mood lately.  The stresses of the past year (mostly for my wife) are now in the rear-view mirror, my son accomplished a major goal (riding in El Tour de Tucson) and we all have a very light schedule moving forward.

So, it feels that we are turning the page to a new chapter.  Our weekly schedule now has a lot more free hours in it and I think we will be happier.  I'll do another post soon on how my wife and kids are going to be involved in cycling goals and races in 2011, but I wanted to write a short post to mark this time as a change.  We'll see what results follow.

As for me personally, I feel that I am close to being a middle-distance cyclist.  Until just recently, I have still felt most comfortable sticking to the safe distances of 13 -18 mile rides, on relatively flat routes.  Now, I see that I am very comfortable with much longer distances and can tolerate any hills.  I'll ride with my kids, as they now have an interest in cycling, but I am beginning a period where running will be the bigger focus.

2011 should be a great year and I am getting excited about goals.  Are you thinking of some goals for 2011?

Big Clyde


Christina said...

I'm glad to hear that you and yours are moving into lower-stress times. I just breathed a sigh of relief for you.

That's awesome El Tour left you feeling more confident in and comfortable about your cycling! Are we going to get a mini-recap of El Tour from Samson? I'd love to hear what he got out of the experience!

Yay for running! I am so pumped for your 10k!

2011 goals... I have two marathons on the calendar! I've never run more than 14, and I can't wait to train for 26.2. I get all giddy writing my training schedule. :)

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Like Christina, I'm feeling good about your transition and Mrs. C's.

Well, 2011. Yikes, it's almost here? Haven't committed to goals. Just drafted a "personal mission statement" post to run soon, so that'll help. As for health and fitness...would definitely like to reach the IPod Touch threshold and surpass it. Maybe an intermediate range bike race? Getting the boys decent bikes, so some family riding may be in order on our end as well.

midlife_swimmer said...

Maybe you will TRI??? :)

Lesley @ said...

I am trying to hold off on the real goal setting for 2011 for one more week... have to see how marathon #1 goes first. ;-)

spunkysuzi said...

I've started to think about new goals for 2011 not sure which ones i want to do yet though.
Good for you for finding ways to get more time and de-stressing. It has done wonders for me this year.

Jarrett @ "PaddlePedalPlod" said...

Ya, you should tri a tri! ;)
My biggest goals for 2011 are to do a Gran Fondo 120k ride in July, and a couple of half-marathons

MizFit said...

GREAT for you on working to lessen the stress.

thats my 2011 goal for me and the husband.


dont tell the husband.

Caratunk Girl said...

Good move on lessening the stress in your life, but I bet it was a hard decision. Good luck laying out your 2011 goals! My goal? Ironman Lake Placid - 236 days away :)

Kovas Palubinskas said...

First ultra in 2011. 50K in Spring and hoping 50M in Fall.

Luke said...

Good luck with your search for the new church. I have many goals for 2011- fitness, racing, work, I hope I can accomplish this years goals int eh next month and have no spill over goals.

Jessica said...

Glad you are joining the "Merry-thon!" and hope you get the ipod back soon :)

Patrick said...

One Goal - Responsibility 199

Raegun said...

When I first started blogging/running I decided to give myself one year to be able to run 5miles (comfortably and at whim). That goal will take me through to the end May 2011. I'm debating signing up for a 10k around that time. I'm 99% convinced...just need to find the right venue and plan to make it happen.