Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The (next) Scary Milestone Event

Someone recently said that I have great motivation.  Thank you, but I really don't.  I am worse than all of you.  I really just want to eat nachos.  I want to eat pizza.  I'd like to steal the tv remote from my kids and see if we have channels other than the Disney channel.  I like...comfort. 

But that makes me fat.  And will someday make me un-healthy, taking meds, etc.  I turn 45 years old in a few days.  I don't exercise because I love it.  I exercise because I love food.  I am basically chasing candy and nachos. 

But I am starting to get used to the action...the adrenaline and even, the adventure of it all.

As I mentioned on a recent post, it is time for another scary milestone event. 

I have tried to challenge myself with aggressive weight loss goals, but everything I own fits loose on me now, and I feel great. I know I am still heavy, but I am also very tall and broad. I feel good. Weight loss is needed, but is not a huge motivator right now (except I should get back to my "50-pound loss" number pretty quick, or else I'll have to give back the iPod Touch!).

So, what goal would scare me now?

Short-term? RUN a 10K on 1/23/11. That is more than a 5K run (which I did often in the past several months).  I 've seen people do this distance in a "brisk 55-minute walk". For me to complete a 10K would surprise people who know me, yet many would still think that they "could totally do that, right now". After all, it is only about 90 minutes or less of run/walk.

Long-term? RUN a half-marathon on 3/27/11. I know only one person who has run a half-marathon. One. And he weighs about 170 pounds. I have about 17 weeks to prepare. How much weight might I lose if I am training to run a half-marathon?

So, there it is. I will do these two events. I feel like the half-marathon will be my biggest challenge since my first El Tour and yes, it really does scare me. I'm not certain I really believe I can do it. But, I will do it.
That's right...a half-marathon.  Who's with me!?!

I'll continue to ride my bike each week for fun, but will have greater emphasis toward running for the next few months. 

My thanks to all of you who continue to encourage this former couch-potato that I really can change my life and go just a bit further each week. You and my family are helping me change my life.

Specifically, thanks to The Traveler for leading the way with this idea.

Big Clyde


RockStarTri said...

In the immortal words from Happy Gilmore "UCANDOIT!"

wendyinjapan said...

Wow! Awesome goals Clyde :)
I should get back to running and try to do my first 5k early next year. You`ve just inspired me to find a race over here to sign up for!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

These are perfect stretch goals, looking forward to your success!

lindsay said...

I was thinking about this over the weekend - I would be soo obese if I didn't run. I wish I was better with healthy eating habits... A half, exciting! You can do it!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

That's great, Clyde. Go for it. I liked the first part of the post, too. I'm increasingly fascinated by procrastination and weight. They seem to be very related. You've been proactive, which makes all the difference.

Lesley @ racingitoff.com said...

I know you can do it... you know why? Because you just posted it on your blog! And you're pretty good at keeping your word when you put it in writing. 17 weeks is plenty of time to train, and I have seen people of all shapes and sizes cross that half-marathon finish line. (PS I'm always chasing a cookie... and pizza... you aren't alone!)

TRI714 said...

Hey brother we all think food is goooooood. Just keep your eye focused on some type of activity and you'll do just fine.
1/2 Mary !! that would (or will) be great.

Scott said...

Wow. Nice job brother. My goals are very modest in terms of time. I am hoping that you whomp me!

Raegun said...

Maybe you won't take credit for the motivation comment, but you will have to accept that you are very INSPIRING, my friend. I've been dabbling in running and pretending I'm making progress, but haven't been able to log much more than 5k at a time. Maybe I could learn from you and start setting some spring goals. I'm looking forward to following this next chapter in your journey!

Jarrett @ "PaddlePedalPlod" said...

You can do it! You're going about it the right way, in my mind. I've never been that good with weight goals (and it might not be the healthiest measure of fitness anyway), so I like to challenge myself with races... workout more/harder, and you'll want to eat healthier, and the weight loss will follow!
PS I'm 6'4 /240 and have run 2 half marathons now! Start small, ease into those weekly longer runs, and you'll be fine!!