Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Throwdown Challenge

Rae from Diminshing Returns and her friend Katie from Finding The Thin Within came up with a great idea!  They are promoting a one-on-one challenge.  They are battling each other for the month of November and encouraged others to find a worthy adversary to pair up for a challenge. 

If you read my recent post about my "food vacation", it is time for me to get back to healthy eating and focusing on some weight loss.   This challenge seems perfect for me right now.

I am happy to announce that I issued my Throwdown Challenge to Alan from Pounds Off Playoff.  Alan is awesome and always has very insightful and interesting posts.  He has lost a good amount of weight already this year and we have a lot of similarities.  I like him alot, respect him and fully intend to make him work for this!  We are going to battle for weight loss percentage. 

Who can lose the greatest percentage of weight in the month of November? 

My battle plan is pretty simple: 
  • Count calories and eat well.
  • Ride my bike (in training for El Tour de Tucson on 11/20).
  • Run when I can during the week.  I haven't run more than 2-3 times per week.  We'll see how this goes.
There, you now see my strategy, Alan.  Game on!

And because Alan is such a sport and has always been so great to me, please go check out the Pounds Off Playoff (see link above) and encourage him throughout the month as well!

Big Clyde


Finding The Thin Within said...

Glad to have two more players in "Throwdown November!" Oh yeah, I came up with that catchy little bit all by myself!

Good luck!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Game on, Clyde! Looks like your strategy is rock solid. Mine will be on-line in the morning, but it's pretty much leftover Halloween candy and mall walking. (Feel that false sense of security coming over you...)

Megan said...

Nice, healthy competition. Since Alan is wearing a Mariners hat, I feel obligated to root for him. HOWEVER M's suck, so it's fair game. :) Good LUCK!!

The Traveler said...

I love this. I just challenged that Pretty Boy Travis over at Finally Airborne. And, to make matters interesting, there is a side wager with a bit of humiliation attached . . . .


Kovas Palubinskas said...

Good luck to both of you - win/win!

Barbara said...

Good luck on your challenge! YOu two inspired me to issue my own challenge to a fellow blogger. Good luck to us all! :)

Lesley @ racingitoff.com said...

What a great challenge. I need this challenge in January! Good luck guys!

MrsFatass said...

I love it. Will there be trash talk?