Monday, November 15, 2010

Weigh In November Throwdown Challenge

Weight Change:  Gained 2 pounds this past week (maybe I am hanging on to some water after my big ride on Saturday?).

Today, I'm feeling: Great. Glad that I am in this challenge with Alan from Pounds Off Playoff.

Highlight of the Week:  I actually have three highlights!  My boy, Samson, rode his bike 30 miles and I rode 40 miles...personal records for us both and we are ready for the El Tour de Tucson race this coming Saturday.  The third highlight was conquering yet another hill that has always seemed too difficult for me to do.  I rode it only once before, but had to stop half-way through in order to rest.  This time, I did it after I'd already ridden 30 miles and just kept going after the hill.  It is nice to slay these dragons and to realize, they weren't too tough after all.

Food: I travelled a bit this week and did not eat very well, but tried to do better near the end of the week and weekend.  Even when I am not counting calories, I still try to eat better, but I know that I am never as disciplined as I am when I count and log those calories!

Exercise: I did not run at all last week, but rode 40 bike miles last week. I'll do light riding this week until race day.  Once the race is done, I'll begin focusing more on running.  I have committed to a 10K at the end of January.  I have never run more than a 5k, but I know that I can train for this and do it.  It feels good to have a scary challenge out there for myself.

Good luck this week, Alan.  You'll need it.  I am bringing the heat.

Big Clyde


Patrick Mahoney said...

good job, man. Maybe the weight gain is lean muscle mass in your quads from pounding out that climb?

Ann (-29 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

I am really going to enjoy reading the post-El Tour review! Good luck to both of you, though I think you have this in-the-bag.

I think Alan will give you a run for your money, Clyde, on this throwdown. Don't count him out just yet!

Raegun said...

A commitment to a 10k?! That is fantastic! I've been running for a while now and haven't had the guts to sign up for a real race. Maybe I should learn from you and push myself to new ;) Keep up the good work on the challenge!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Muscle is definitely an option, you have been working it. Enjoy the lead-up to the rade Saturday!

TRI714 said...

Really, will it get much more satisfying than doing that ride with Samson ?? I doubt it. Don't beat yourself up over the food. Just continue to reset and stay concious of it. NICE RIDE !!

MrsFatass said...

Looks like you dipped a teeny bit of a toe into the almost-trash-talk waters. Just to see if he bites.

Okay, so FANTASTIC week. Good activities, great attitude. And the scale will follow suit soon I'm sure. Keep on.

Christina said...

Nice week! I can't wait to see your loss next week. :) Congrats on signing up for a 10k! How is the running coming along? How much are you going to commit to training for it?