Monday, December 20, 2010

George Bailey Returns (Grumpy ! - Part Two)

If you read my recent post titled Grumpy !, then PLEASE READ THIS.

That posted on Friday, mid-afternoon.  I wrote about how I felt like George Bailey from "It's A Wonderful Life", when he felt isolated and weary.  Almost instantly, some of you wrote in encouraging me...that was so wonderful and made me feel much better.

Here is what happened next:
  • On Friday at 4pm, our friend stopped by to take our daughter out for a special treat and invited my wife to a party on Sunday (with about 50 good friends).  Total surprise.
  • On Friday afternoon:  other friends called to invite us over on Christmas Day.
  • On Saturday afternoon:  some friends stopped by unexpectedly with cookies!  They invited us to dinner on Thursday night.
  • On Sunday afternoon:  another friend invited us to join their family on Christmas Eve.
  • On Sunday night: We recently started a bible-study group for college students to run until Christmas.  They just told us that they want to keep it going indefinitely!  Good times.
  • On Monday morning:  another friend called to check in and say hello.  Maybe a bike ride this week?
  • On Monday at lunchtime:  other friends invited us over to dinner tonight.
We accepted all invitations and feel blessed (again)! 

But I should add...virtually none of my close friends (the people above) even know I have this blog.  And realistically, the very few that know about the blog ever read it.  I think that no one above read my post. 

George Bailey with family...and friends!
Some of you suggested prayer. We believe in God and feel strongly about our faith. God knows what we need and yeah, He definitely answered some prayers (eventhough I wasn't specifically asking for any of this). I needed to quit obsessing about it and just trust that we would be okay. When I began to let go of my concerns and just "abide" in Him, He came through in a big way.

So, I thank all of you...
  • those of you who assured me that it would be fine.
  • those of you who said some mileage would do me good.
  • those of you who said that I should count and re-count my blessings.
  • all of you who came alongside me, like good friends do for each other.
I'll end here.  I just felt I had to bookend my grumpiness with a surprising post of gratitude.

Also, I rode 12.5 miles this afternoon and I rode another 2 miles to a friend's house tonight.  My goal is to ride 56 miles and run/walk 13.1 miles by Christmas Eve, midnight.    Only 41.5 miles left on the bike, but I'd better get on the running miles. 

Join me in this challenge, if it fits your schedule for this week.

Big Clyde


MtnGal said...

Thanks Clyde - I love your honesty and willingness to share so much of yourself! You are a blessing to me!

Megan said...

Gosh I love that movie. I think we can ALL relate to that story and yours all too often. Happy Holidays!

Patrick Mahoney said...

No matter what you believe in, if you believe, then things have a way of working out.

lindsay said...

That's cool how that happened to work out :) don't ever feel alone!

TRI714 said...

BC - your good people. Glad it came full circle my friend. Nice chatting.

Ann (-50 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...