Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Longest, Runningest Day

I went out this morning (after hours of procrastination) for my "long Sunday run".  This is on my 10k training schedule.  Today's schedule called for a 3.5 mile run, but I chose to go further.

Last Sunday, I chose to go 5 miles because it's a convenient loop near my house and I wanted to do something big for my 45th birthday.  Having done it once, I felt I should keep it up.  This morning's 5-mile run felt harder somehow, but it was only 1 minute slower.  My legs have felt "heavy" since my Thursday night run, which was only 2 miles, but at a faster pace for me.  Yesterday, we walked a lot around Old Tucson Studios (I'll post some pics of that later).  So, maybe that is why this morning's run felt harder.  But I am also somewhat of a internal whiner on my runs.  Today's run was 5 miles in 1:03.  I just think it is a miracle that a guy like me is running 5 miles.

As for cycling, times have changed in the Clyde House because I am no longer the only one on the bike.  Samson, of course, rode his epic El Tour 40 mile race with me last month.  But my wife, daughter and Samson went out last weekend and my wife rode again a few days ago and had chain problems.  So, I am off the the local bike shop to get two bikes back from the service dept.  Feels awesome to know that we are all becoming so active.  I'm guessing we'll do a short, casual ride today.  More miles.

Then tonight, CuppaJoe (my 9-year-old son) and I will run the "WinterHaven 5K".   It should be casual and fun.  CJ and I have run together recently and I know that we will likely be walking more than running...fine with me after this morning's 5-miler...but we'll see.  If he is up for more running, I'll rally.

That should make 8 miles on foot today and some recovery miles on the bike.  What a great day!

Big Clyde


Andrew Opala said...

sometimes the run that feel "hard" or "crappy" are actually the milestones that show that you are progressing

sometimes you have to break through your mental barriers

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Cool stuff, Clyde. Yesterday, I bought both my boys bigger bikes and my wife a trunk rack. Hope to be joining the Clydesdale family out there, soon.

Ann (-42 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

I am in AWE of your athleticism, Clyde. Seriously, I really enjoy reading about your accomplishments!

My # 1 resolution for the new year will be to get into regular exercise. For now? I read about your walking, running and biking, and I am a little bit jealous. Then, on the heels of that thought, my very next thought is, "I wonder if bikes come with sidecars, like some motorcycles ..."

Um, I think it may take some doing, to get me completely out of my couch-potato ways! LOL

Keep up the good work! You actually inspire me to consider the possibility about maybe doing something active (prior to 2011). Hey, that is PROGRESS in my potato-world! (Sad, I know)

Patrick Mahoney said...

First off, don't worry about the minute. In six months time if you were to graph your runs you will find your pace had gone up regardless of the occasional dips.

Secondly, you are doing another 5K tonight. That's a double session day a/k/a Ironman training.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

The dead legs might show you are progressing too quickly as well. Not necessarily, but it's a possibility. Maybe stick with the plan and see what happens?

Jessica said...

Great job!