Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cement Legs

I've been so happy this week, starting with a great run on Sunday morning and another easy 2-mile run on Tuesday night (after seeing Hood to Coast!).  Then, on Wednesday, I did a fast 8.6 miles on the bike to keep up my cardio.  I am definitely sleeping well.

Finally, I did approx 4 miles tonight and I was dragging from the first step.  I just felt tired.  Tired.  So, I went slow and took it easy.  I should celebrate that I actually completed almost 4 miles, or got in 50 minutes of cardio.  Instead, I am a bit bummed about my slower pace.

I really hope that the answer is simply that I am tired.  I have a rest day tomorrow, then a cycling cardio day on Saturday, which will be casual.  Then, another long run (6 miles) on Sunday.  My last long run before the 10K.  

Feeling a little excited, but also nervous.  I know I can complete it, but I want it to feel good (like my 5 mile run last weekend felt GOOD).  Maybe a lighter week is just what I need.

Big Clyde


Clive Chapman said...

It's a problem that I think is particularly male. We're meant to be tough, hard as nails, not quitters. All admirable qualities that need to be applauded and encouraged. You appear to have those qualities in bucket loads.

But and it's a big but, they can get in the way of effective training.

Apologies if you know this already, I hate teaching Granny to suck eggs etc.

Rest is training. Excercise damages your cells. Your body repairs those cells during rest and repairs it a bit stronger. That very basically is how you get fitter.

I coach at a professional rugby club in England and our players when they're getting their scheduled afternoon nap after a weights session say that they're training. Which is true. They're trying to make the most training gains by effective rest.

You can read all sorts of stuff about rest and recovery on the net. But the basics are stay hydrated, get a good 8 hours sleep and don't eat crap.

And don't forget the psychological aspect to all this, sometimes your mind needs a rest and you need a day off!

Sorry for the long post, hope you stayed awake!

Jams said...

You have to know that every run isn't going to be a great run. Sometimes it's just slow. Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes it makes you want to quit. You pushed through though and that's what matters! Hopefully the next run will be a better one!

spunkysuzi said...

That's exactly what i did today. Took a rest day for the legs! My legs just felt so heavy and i worked tonight so i didn't want to over do it.

TRI714 said...

BC- every day is a new adventure. As you stay on que with your food and activities it will all start to lock in place. Keep on,keeping on.

Raegun said...

Hey Clyde - I've been playing a bit of 'catch up' while I recover from a nasty cold. It sounds like you're doing a lot of good work to prep for the big race. Keep at it - put in the miles and you can't go wrong. I really commend you for your ability to not only challenge yourself constantly, but actually map out a great plan to accomplish those goals. Your body will tell you what it needs (rest, stretching, bacon....okay, maybe not that last one!).