Friday, January 21, 2011

Fleet Feet Run, Beer and PR

Mrs. Clyde told me about a running store across town that was having an event with Brooks Shoes and a fun run, so I went to it last night.  Here are the highlights:

  • It was sponsored by Fleet Feet Tucson, voted one of the "The 50 Best Running Stores in America" for each of the past five years.  They are one of two shops that I have visited since I started this clydesdale project.
  • The co-sponsor of the event was Brooks Shoes and they brought their double-decker bus that is on tour for their Run Happy campaign.  Coming to a running store near you. 
  • The giveaway event thing started at 3pm and the run was to start at 5pm.  Two miles or four.  I was doing two.
  • Anyway, good times and they had some giveaways.  I bought a few things:  a light that clips onto my reflective Road ID running hat, so now I can see better when I run at night...and I also got some little pouch/belt thing so I won't have to wear my dorky fanny-pack on my long runs.
  • Aside from a 5K that I ran in September, I have not run with other people...ever.  Even at that 5K, I didn't know anyone.  I was just near other people.  Tonight would be my second time running around other runners, eventhough I didn't know a soul at the event.
I got there early and just looked around the store, the crazy bus, etc.  I was, by far, the largest human there.  Big surprise.

Every once in awhile, an employee would delicately approach me, like I was a lost kid, looking for my mom.  "You doin' okay?  Do you need anything?"  Eventually one of them said "are you thinking about going on the run with us? could WALK it????"

I smiled and said "I'm running".  They smiled (nervously) and walked away.  Maybe they went to look for the cpr kit.

As more runners arrived and started stretching and preparing for the run, I felt very out of place.  Like I should have been volunteering to stay back and keep an eye on their coats and purses, while they went on the run.

The Race Run!
It was a two-mile run and I wanted to get a PR.  For me that would mean coming in under a 10:22 pace/mile. 

My competition:  many fit-looking mom-types, their vegetarian-looking husband/boyfriends and a few others...about 100 people.  I zeroed in on three people that I thought might be at my pace:
  • the chubby, hairy guy wearing an "I run for beer" t-shirt (I'm not kidding)
  • the older guy wearing sunglasses and an old school leather football helmet (still, not kidding)
  • the mom pushing TWO kids in a stroller!
As we started, I settlled in to a good pace and was very close to stroller-mom.  She was great, working very hard to navigate the bumpy terrain, but talking so sweetly to her two kids.  Every once in awhile, one of the kids would say "Mommy, why aren't we going faster?!"  I hear ya', kid. 

I finished in 18 min, 50 seconds, which gave me a pace of 9:25/mile.  This is a PR for me. 

After the run, the prize was a pint glass that could be filled at the restaurant next door.  Free beer is always appreciated.  Free beer after my fastest 2-miler ever?  Delicious!

It definitely helped me to be around other runners.  When I'm on my own, I get too much up in my head and allow myself to slow down at times.  Yesterday, I treated this run like it was a race, where I at least wanted to keep pace with others.  That helped me set a new PR for this short distance. 

Thanks to all of you for the encouragement about my race this Sunday.  It will be my 2nd biggest race (after El Tour de Tucson 2009 race).   Feeling good.

Big Clyde


Al said...

Congrats Clyde and the free beer was well deserved.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Good run, good PR, hope you dusted the guy in the Packers helmet. said...

Haha, great job in shutting the store employee down. Beating your PR is just icing on the cake. Cheers, Rick

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

You...CRACK me up! So funny and I can just see the look on their faces when you describe the store workers. And FREE BEER for running? Man, I gotta get busy with that!

Bruce said...

Nice run Clyde! Way to smash your PR. Don't run out of the gate too fast on Sunday because of it. Keep to your pace and see what you have left at the end. Better than using it all up at the first. Go get 'em!

RockStarTri said...

The first free beer after any race never counts against the diet.

TRI714 said...


Kovas said...

Oh yeah Clyde, that little pouch/belt thing is SO much better than a dorky fanny-pack. :)

PR, free beer, and a glimpse of the Packers at their best (in the past)? Sounds like a great night.

Go Bears!

Lesley @ said...

Wow Clyde... awesome pace!!! Good for you for sticking around and getting it done. Huge improvements happening.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

I noticed you never mentioned if you beat the "I run for beer" guy, the old guy in the leather helmet, or the mom with two kids? And does the mom get three pint glasses, or just one? Seriously, congrats on your PR!

lindsay said...

congrats on the pr! you came in way under your goal :)

good luck today!

Patsy said...

Great stuff! :o)

Patrick said...

Now that is a PR! Smashed it in style too!

Have a Great week!