Sunday, January 2, 2011

My DailyMile Widget is broken...

You've seen clydesdale horses in the parades, right?  They are huge, majestic and carry heavy loads at a slow pace. 

And when they stop, they are accustomed to receiving applause...some recognition from the crowd.

Well, the same goes for me. 
  • Huge?  check.
  • Majestic?  Sure, why not?
  • Carry heavy loads?  (See Huge).
  • Slow pace?  Definitely!
So, where's the recognition and applause?

I rode my bike yesterday for 7 miles and did a 5 mile run today.  I posted them on my tracker which is supposed to automatically update on this site, but it is not updating. 

I must be psychologically messed up because I am feeling somehow "unfinished" with my run, because the widget hasn't updated.  Therefore, I don't have the "feel-good-ness" of seeing my mileage.  (But I did get it done and am back on my training schedule!).

Anyone have any ideas on this dailymile problem?

Big Clyde


Megan said...

I use to track my mileage. Sorry, can't help with daily mile. I know the feeling though, of seeing those miles add up on the widget. It feels good!

Christina said...

I'm not sure about your widget, but congrats on the five miles!!! How do you feel, man? FIVE MILES!!!! Great job, Clyde!

Scuttleboose said...

... applause ... that is all. :)

Aimee Cotton Bogush said...

Mine broke too! And I *totally* understand not feeling finished with your run! Now that the widget isn't working I have come to realize how incredibly important and motivating it was to me to see those miles pile up on my blog. I've posted to Daily Mile, but so far no answers...but I am finding other folks in the same boat.

Best of luck to you on your endeavors!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

It seems like their widgets are always on the fritz, one of the reasons I don't use them anymore. Great job on the miles, though.

Jessica said...

Great job on your miles!

TRI714 said...

BC great job on the run. 10k in the near future.

memoirs of this binge eating triathlete said...


Way to work towards your goals.

Ronnie said...

And some more applause :o)

Raegun said...

5 miles is reason for applause - way to go! My DM widget is hit and miss. I've been thinking about getting rid of it altogether, to be honest.

Patrick said...

Knocking down the miles like a seasoned veteran you are!