Thursday, January 6, 2011

My First 10K is 18 Days Away!

It will be on January 23rd and I am starting to wonder if I will truly be ready. 

Can I complete the distance?  Yes, I'm sure I can complete it.   I am running three times per week (two 3 mile runs and a long run).  For the past several weeks, I have run 5 miles on my Sundays, finishing in a little over one hour.  That extra mile to complete the 10k or 6.2 miles will likely be a slow one, so my projected finish might be in the 1 hour 20 minute range.  That would rank me 312 out of the 313 that ran the Sun Run 10K last year.  That is pretty tough, my friends.

The run is organized by a local community college's track team and a local running club.  So, this is a pretty targeted crowd for runners.

Is this a bit foolish?  It feels strange entering a race where I can somewhat accurately predict that I could come in last place.  When entering local races, don't most of you wait until you feel pretty prepared to do decently?

I keep hoping that any day now, my pace will improve on my 3x/week runs.  But it is not improving much.

Believe me, I am not feeling defeated.  I am still a very big guy who, six months ago, could not run for more than 90 seconds at a time.  Now, I am running for 20 minutes at a time...great progress.  But am I jumping in to this too quickly?

Your feedback would be much appreciated.


Ann (-51 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Last place, or first, at least you are doing it! And, since this is your very first, you will set your own personal best time. You are doing a great job in training! It will be fun to read of your successful cross of the finish line. Hey, and a fringe benefit ... the first person crossing usually gets in the paper, but so does the LAST person crossing! Be sure to wear a smile, even if it is weary.

Happy Fun Pants said...

My personal take is that you're not doing this too quickly. You're just entering into a race that a lot less people would do.

I read something a few weeks ago and I loved it.

Finishing not last > Finishing Last > Not Finishing > Not Starting.

Don't stress about how you would've placed last time. Do what you can and you'll do better next time.

I love the first races of any distance - it means that I've PR'd already! :)

Go, Clyde, GO! :)

RockStarTri said...

You are not going into this too quickly. Look at this another way. What do you gain from not doing it?

Caratunk Girl said...

First - this is your first 10K go and have fun, try hard not to stress about where you place - you may even surprise yourself!
Second - you are totally PRing no matter what.
Third - you rock. AND YOU ARE NOT DOING THIS TOO QUICKLY! I meant to put that first but don't want to mess with what I wrote already.

GO CLYDE GO!! You totally have this.

Miss S. said...

Just going for it is huge! What would the old Clyde do? You are a brand new man.

Susietri said...

Dude...are you kidding, you have come so far since I read those first posts. You can absolutely do the race and if you're dead last, well, I was once and I met a new friend on the course who did Ironman with me in 09. There is value in everything.

The Turtle said...

I have feared being last. I think I finished 5th or 6th from last in my most recent 10K.

The thing is, when I was out there running pretty much alone, I didn't care one bit. I just enjoyed the run. It's not like people were waiting around for me to finish, so there wasn't much hoopla when I came in, but I felt so much pride for having finished.

Gules said...

I just did my first 10k in december and since there race wasn't that big there was a very good chance that I could come last. Sure I hated it, but I also had to take in consideration that I only started running in Jan of last year, so this was progress. Enjoy your race, regardless of where you place. I"m telling you, you'll be so happy once you cross that line that all your training has payed off. I, like you, ran the same amount and didn't really see a lot of difference in speed, but I knew i was getting stronger. Good luck! You're going to be great!

Moving Mertle said...

You got this thing in the bag! One day I was running with my aunt and uncle and I was really struggling trying to go fast. Then my uncle said "This isn't a race, it's just training."

Enjoy your runs for the next 18 days, then push yourself on that race. Like Happy said you're gonna PR this thing!

Clive Chapman said...

To quote an oft used "olympic ideal" - "It's not the winning it's the taking part".

As a competitive beast myself we all know that that's bollocks, but in your case mate I think this is perfectly true.

Where you've come from to where you are now is amazing and I for one wouldn't be entering a running race! Are you mad! LOL!

MizFit said...


It is totally about the experience the training the planning and the making yourself git to the start line that matters.
NOT where you end up or finish.


Kovas Palubinskas said...

Clyde, it's too early to worry about winning races, so 100th place or last, the important thing is to stretch yourself, attain that once impossible goal. It will be hard, it might be painful, but in the end, you'll finish and be glad you did.

Lesley @ said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with last... same finish line... and you are putting out effort for a longer duration- that's tough stuff. And you're way ahead of the 99% still on the couch.

pinkvision said...

When you're storming down that last few minutes of the race, just think of how far you've come. You're already a winner at this race. :)

Chunky said...

I have a friend who rode in a bike competition in the snow and she said that even the biggest of guys (who was indeed in the Clydesdale class) was cheered by everyone just as much as the first guy who crossed the finish line. I say go for it!!!

Christina said...

Haha, you don't have to wait until you're fast to do a race. Look at the bottom 20% of finishers - they knew they weren't going to win. You'll do great! Even if you don't run the whole thing (and if you can run five miles, you can run six), you'll still have finished your first 10k, and you'll have a PR to beaet next time. I'd only been running for a few weeks when I did my first race. It's just nice to have something to train for. You def aren't jumping in too quickly. You've got this. :) Just don't go out too fast.

Scuttleboose said...

I agree with everyone else and their helpful comments. You should be proud for what you are accomplishing! :)

memoirs of this binge eating triathlete said...

Don't get caught up in how you compare to the other athletes. Just focus on the things you can control. You can't control how fast others race, the weather, the difficulty of the course, etc. But you can control & focus your level of intensity, how you push yourself, & how you feel about yourself during & after. 2 times I've gotten multiple flats in triathlons & ran with my bike on my back. Both times I finished dead last, & both times I felt dang good about myself. I couldn't control whether I got flats, or where I finished compared to others, but I could control if I gave up, etc. Your doing great & making amazing progress. Your dedicated. Focus on that & feel good about it!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

I don't know running, but I feel pretty certain you're not making a mistake. In every other realm of athletic endeavor, playing "up" makes you better. Remember the "dream team" in Olympic basketball in 1992? The USA absolutely crushed the whole world when we started playing our top pros in international competition. But each time the other countries took us on, THEY got a little better. And after a while, many of them have been able to give us a game (and often to beat us). So as long as you're not taking any physical risks (feeling pain, etc.), you're just going to benefit from this in the long run.

Christina said...

P.S. - Meant to add earlier that my first race was a 41-minute 5k. Yep, I did a fair amount of walking. It was still a blast!

Scott said...

Sorry to weigh in on this late, but as you know, I just did one of these. In fact, I was MORE worried about the 10K than the Half Marathon that is coming up in a month. Strange - as there are more walkers at the Half.

If you look at the picture of me here
you will notice two things: (1) you will not see a whole lot of people behind me; and (2) I have a BIG ASS smile on my face.

I gotta tell you something, the worst it was was after I checked in. I ran a couple 5Ks. Those are filled with newbs. People walking holding purses in full makeup and heels. They are silly. When you show up at a 10K - those are serious elite athletes. Probably the most serious - more so than the halfs. I was looking around at all the long and lean bodies and wanted to turn around and get back in my truck and go home. I almost did.

I started thinking of the Rocky movie. Not all the serial movies where they became cartoon action movies. The very first one when we were in junior high and it actually won an Oscar for best picture (how many people knew that!)

The night before the fight, Rocky realized that he couldn't win. He couldn't beat Apollo Creed. No way. Then he decided he just wanted to go in and fight as hard as he could and try to go the distance. No one had ever gone the distance with Creed. And if he could, it would show that he was something special.
You don't have to win this race. You just have to finish. Give yourself a goal. How about 1:28:15 (that was my time). Beat that, and you are a rock star.

Dude - I got passed up by old women -- seriously old women -- who were limping. But you will be home before most people get up that morning. Run, walk, hobble, crawl -- just get your ass across that line.

I know your fear - but I know you can overcome it.