Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cycling Mileage 2010

Weekly mileage update
Bike: 7 miles done, 33 miles to go.
Run: 5.7 miles done, 4.3 to go.
Goal: 50 total miles by Saturday night

I am going to be making a few changes soon on the blog's layout, so I wanted to get rid of my cycling mileage sidebar.  I'll just post the totals on a monthly basis this year.   Therefore, I'll use this posting to consolidate the mileage for that year.  

A quick summary:  For 2010, I intended to ride 40 miles per week or 175 miles per month or 2,100 miles.  I did basically a third of this, but achieved most other goals and became interested in running as well, so I have no regrets.

January: 136 miles
February: 44 miles
March: 25 miles
April: 41 miles
May 42 miles
June: 20 miles
July: 21 miles
August: 32 miles
September: 57 miles
October: 161 miles
November: 127 miles
December: 38 miles

2010 Actual: 753 miles

2009 Actual: 656 miles

What should I do in 2011?  I am wondering if I should set a big cycling goal, or a running goal or both?  I know that I have become more interested in goals that will promote better lifestyle choices, rather than epic distances.  For example, I think I will be healthier for years to come, if I get into a habit of daily or weekly mileage, rather than training for a marathon or century (then drifting away after that goal is achieved). 

Any suggestions?

Big Clyde


Scuttleboose said...

Something that they do at Weight Watchers (I know, lame.) is have a longer goal (i.e. - becoming more active) with a different "short" goal every week. For example, if the long goal is to become more active, your goal for this week could be to exercise for ___ minutes every day. That way, you could be accomplishing both and keep your motivation going every week! :) Good luck!

Miss S. said...

Okay-think about the amount of time you have to commit to it-but I bet you could easily increase it by 1/3 of last years.

Bruce said...

I tend to set goals based on events such as hiking to a summit of a mountain that I haven't been to before. This year, I am hiking King's Peak. I know to do that effectively, I need to be in good shape. I find that running helps me to reach that goal and so I have trained for a few races to keep getting better. I also need to work on my strength so I make sure I am getting good strength training as well. This works for me because I am working towards something I really want to do and along the way, I am finding training that I enjoy as well. said...

I like the goal of short term goals. Weekly or maybe monthly, but not yearly. And always make them achievable! Cheers, Rick

RockStarTri said...

You seem like a goal type of person to me. Think big (can you say century?)

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

What will sustain you for the long-term? I think that's your answer.