Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vintage Bike for Sale

Weekly mileage update
Bike:  7 miles done, 33 miles to go.
Run:  2 miles done, 8 to go.
Goal:  50 total miles by Saturday night

It is with regret that I am selling my vintage Schwinn Collegiate.  I only purchased it a few months ago, with thoughts of riding it regularly to my local grocery store, the pub and around the neighborhood with my family.  I wrote about my intentions here

Though the Shwinn is in excellent condition, I have taken steps to convert my other bike (the HUCC-B) into more of a commuter style (with some lights for riding at night and a rack in the back).  I really do love my HUCC-B bike now.  It is nearly bullet-proof, can go long distances comfortably, carry my heavy frame, can handle some rough roads and has no trouble riding off some curbs on occasion.  It is basically, the star football player on campus.  Good-looking, super-strong and yes, as tough as one can be on the mean city streets (and bike paths).

My Schwinn on the other hand, is the star cheerleader on campus.  Sure, she is athletic (with 5-speeds), a great frame, and is in excellent shape, etc., but she is also drop-dead GORGEOUS and wants to be admired.  She shines when we are out and definitely turns heads. 

Okay, I get that this has gotten a bit weird, especially since this is the part where I am saying that I would rather be with the football player than the cheerleader.  Let me get back on track...

Bottom line:  I have many miles to ride in 2011 and many hills to climb.  Those miles will be better achieved on my newer bike and so it is time to get the Schwinn into the hands of someone who will appreciate her style and beauty.

So, I have it listed on craigslist in Tucson, but thought that I would throw out the announcement here as well.  Here is the link and some pics:

Big Clyde

P.S.  My apologies if I have offended anyone with the sterotypical examples of the football player and the cheerleader.  I was neither, nor was anyone else in my immediate family.  Somehow, the thought of my 1975 Schwinn just kept playing old Brady Bunch episodes in my head, involving cheerleaders and BMOC's!


GeorgiaSnail said...

She sure is pretty...I wonder if she has a date to the homecoming dance....

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

In this analogy, I think my hybrid is the marching band. Neither strong nor sleek, comes out on breaks in the action and covers a lot of ground!

Kovas said...

So is the football player okay with the cheerleader being sold like some unwanted orphan? They might have bonded you know.

Big Clyde said...

Georgia - She does not have a date, but is looking for offers!

Alan - Solid choice. Everyone likes the band!

Kovas - I don't care of the football player likes it or not. The cheerleader tends to distract from playing the game. The player needs to put some points on the board this year.

Tigerlilly said...

Wish I still lived in AZ.. I'd pick her up in a heart beat. I'll be there in March.. but don't think I can take her on the plane with me. :(

Kimberley said...

Hope you get what you are asking...what are you going to spend the $$$ on?

Michael said...

Just ran across your blog and loved the name. I look forward to following you. I'm pretty new to the blogger world. Too bad you have to get ride of the bike, it's a beauty.

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