Monday, March 28, 2011

31 Miles in Three Days: A Successful Failure

I didn't run 12 miles this week and did not cycle 25 miles.  I worked out only four days this week, not six.  Officially, I failed this week's goal.  But I feel like a winner tonight.

On Saturday, I convinced Mrs. Clyde and our three kids to go on a roaming bike ride with me.  We split up a few times, when some of us went to the bank, Subway, Blockbuster while the others pedalled straight to the park.  We re-grouped and picnicked at the park, then went a few miles further and finally headed home.  12.4 miles in all.   Not an aggressive pace for me, but a fantastic use of time on the bikes with the family.

My son, Cuppa Joe, is not really new to cycling, but does not ride much.  He moved up to his older brother's bigger bike last summer, which felt a little intimidating to him at the time.  Saturday's ride started a bit bumpy for Joe, when he fell about one mile from the house.  Lots of grease on the leg and a decent bloody cut on the ankle was the result.  After some venting on his part and coaching on my part, he got back on the bike...and fell again 15 feet later.

This 9-year old had two bike falls within the first 10 minutes of our ride and he still kept going.  Love that kid. 

I won't lie to you...he wasn't all guts and glory as he picked himself up after each fall.  There was blood, sweat and tears and he knew that home was very close.  But he was willing to ride away from the comfort of home, in order to push himself to what new experience might be ahead.

After many miles later, he actually fell one more time, skinning his knee.  No tears this time.  By now, he knew that he would achieve a personal distance record of 12 miles and that he had already achieved a lot more than playing it safe at home.

As for my goal, it was only 12 bike miles, but a major win in terms of spending time with the family and I will give myself bonus points for getting the family out on the bikes.

Sunday was already a busy day for my other son, wife and daughter.  So, Cuppa Joe and I played basketball for about an hour, played on the playground equipment and got some frozen yogurt.  Good times, but no mileage.  Prior commitments and church occupied much of the rest of the day.

So, I chose to not to complete my own goal.  That's not something I would have done 6 months ago, but it seemed the right decision for me this weekend.

Today is Monday...back to my new weekly goal of steady exercise.

Big Clyde


Kovas said...

Those family miles count for a lot more than those originally planned. Sounds like a great time (apart from the blood and tears)!

TRI714 said...

pppffft- without family, you have NADA ! Good job. Reset the meter and get after it.

Tri4Success said...

Getting the whole family out on bikes? That's always something I support. I should blog about that .... oh, wait .....

You made the right choice. "Successful failures" are very illuminating. They usually remind you where your true priorities lie.

Jessica said...

What an awesome day with the family! That is what is most important!

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

What a wonderful time for you and your family, minus the skinned up knees and tears of course.

Tricia said...

love the family bike ride, good for you!

Kimberley said...

Two thumbs up to Cuppa Joe...way to get back on the bike!!!

Glad you had some nice family time!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

You guys still have Blockbuster?

But seriously, sounds like a great weekend. Myself, I am sore from throwing (and retrieving) batting practice to my two boys later in the day after 35 minutes of interval training. I'm really looking forward to getting them out on their bikes!

411 Gurl said...

I think spending time and exercising with the family is a nice balance... All goals are not meant to be and the memories you've made and the example you have set will last forever... Take care my friend.