Sunday, March 20, 2011

The March Experiment

I guess I will call this The March Experiment (yeah, it took me 1 second to develop that catchy name). 

For the month of March, I have focused simply on working out (cycling or running) at least six days a week.   After this month, I'll evaluate what's next for me.

Some initial observations:
  • This marks my most consistent exercise pattern that I have had since 1987, when I was on a tennis team in college in Japan.  We worked out constantly.  We played tennis at times.  Weird.
  • My goals are 12 running miles per week and 25 cycling miles per week.  Pretty light on the cycling, but remember, I am focused this month on six days of activity per week.  That means fitting in a daily workout schedule that varies between 30 and 60 minutes.  That is 50 running miles per month and 100 cycling miles, give or take a few.  Seems pretty good for a guy like me.
  • Though the primary goal is consistency, I am working on intensity for the bike rides.  I am noticing that I am going faster on the bike.  I feel stronger on the hills.and faster on the flats. 
  • I dropped two pounds last week, but have not changed my diet much at all. 
  • It seems that this activity alone won't drop the weight.  I have to combine it with good choices.
  • But, the activity is great for my legs, my heart and my overall fitness level.
  • One interesting run was last Tuesday.  I had plenty of time for the run, but I just felt horrible when I started.  I wondered if I would quit early.  There was no particular pain, just an overall achey, plodding feeling to the run.  That feeling lasted for the first 10 minutes.  Then, I felt better...and then, awesome!  I felt like I had hit a rhythm and could just keep going.  I ran for 65 minutes, with no walking or stopping.  5.4 miles.  If I didn't have family duties back home, I could have kept going.
A year ago, I did almost no exercise but was diligent on eating no more than 1,700 calories per day.  The weight dropped off, which was imperative, given that I was at 325 pounds. 

For now, I am enjoying the routine that I am developing. 

Big Clyde


Kimberley said...

The March Experiment looks like it is working out for you!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Sounds like a good routine. I just finished The Big Climb. It was great for me to do, but it also kept me in one mode of training and I actually shied away from other training and activity to accommodate it. I've read a lot about Japanese baseball, and their training regimen is similar, lots of physical fitness, then baseball drills (thousand fungos), with little actual baseball compared to American practices.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Hey BC 2 pounds in a week is nothing to sneeze about. Keep it up...

Tri4Success said...

I think you've got the right approach here. Incremental weight loss is the way to go and with no change in diet this is likely a sign of improving metabolism. Consistency is the key! Keep it up.

Jessica said...

I like your March Experiment! Keep up the good work :)

GeorgiaSnail said...

six days a week sounds liek a great plan, keep up the good work BC!

Bruce said...

Great consistency and wonderful improvement! It's fun when it pays off!

Megan said...

I love feeling improvement on the bike - especially when what I used to think of as hills are just small inclines :) Keep it up buddy!