Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quick Update

Still sick...but my energy is returning.  I just still have the hacking cough.  If it is still here on Thursday, I may break down and see the doc and get a Z-Pack.  (Thanks for the idea, J!)

No mileage or workouts since...2/16.  My gosh.  Feb totals were 7 miles on the bike and 6 miles on foot.  That might be my lowest in a year.  I think that I was so elated from my 10K race at the end of January and wanted to nurse a slightly sore knee and then, I just fell out of the habit.  Then, being sick for the past 10 days or so, I just haven't felt like getting out there.  I am ready to at least start riding the bike and if the lungs clear up, start running again.

Weight is up but still below where I started a few weeks ago...I have not been horrible, but not at all counting calories or trying to "eat healthy".    So, it's been easier to have a big bowl of cereal vs. making a healthy egg white omelette with veggies.  Combine those food choices with um, no mileage last month...and yet get some weight gain (at least, I end up with weight gain).

So, the iPod Touch...has now been turned over to my wife.  I have a new goal for this Saturday's weigh-in.  If I hit it, then I get it back.  See this post for some background.  By the way, Alan, I think that your comment about loss aversion is correct.  We value what we HAVE, more than what we don't have.   Ever see the look on a baby's face when you take away that favorite blanket??  That will be me for the rest of the week.  Got to drop some poundage quickly!

Work...has been busy.  I worked last weekend, finished my huge project yesterday and now I'm off for a quick business trip through tomorrow night.  Hopefully, I'll grab a long weekend starting Thursday (or Friday) and can get back to a decent schedule and some mileage.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone.

Big Clyde


Matty O said...

For you to give that up only to have to re-earn it. I commend you. You are a good man.

It's tough to maintain a weight. Make your goal to blow past your limit so you don't ever have to think of giving that back again :)

Here's to a great month ahead of you!

spunkysuzi said...

That's a great way to get re-motivated!!

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

I'm sorry you're still sick. Good luck on the ipod goal. Whatever works, right?

Dani- danielleislosingit said...

Thats is awesome. I hope you get that Ipod touch back. I'm thinking of handing my wallet over to my roommate....no sugar sprees for me.

J said...

My cough was the same. Good luck!

Michael said...

Wahoo your project is finished - now just a few more days to go and get some much needed rest - and hopefully you will be feeling great by then as well. I am 100% feeling your pain on the workout. I think I only logged about 6 days of working out in Feb, my lowest in I couldn't tell you how long. Good luck next week getting back to your routine.

Kimberley said...

Glad you are almost better. It is tough to be interested in cooking and excercising when you aren't feeling well. Take care of yourself, get back to 100% and then go for it!

Good luck getting the iPod back this weekend!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Hope you finally shake that cold so you can get back out there. You'll be back on a roll in no time.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

P.S. Trying to picture your face like a baby who's just had his blanket taken away! A bizarre image - I might need counseling.

Teresa said...

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