Sunday, April 24, 2011

30 Days of Biking - 200 Mile Challenge!

Adapted image by  Original image by Rudolph Zallinger.
 My 30 Days of Biking Challenge is going great!  I have now ridden my bike 24 days in a row and am at 141 miles month-to-date.    Given that I am riding daily, am not a part of a cycling club, can't commute and am never gone longer than an hour or so, I think the mileage is pretty respectable so far. 

My heaviest cycling month of all time was about 161 miles, last November.  I am at 141 miles so far, and I know that I can get to 200 miles this month if I put in just about 10 miles each day.  That would be pretty cool!

I have been wandering somewhat aimlessly this year without concrete goals, aside from doing my first 10K in January.  So much of last year was spent pursuing some epic achievement or event.  That was fun for me to do, but there was always a bit of a "what's next?" letdown when I was done.  The real goal of The Clydesdale Project is to develop lifelong habits of better nutrition and exercise.  Isn't that better achieved by developing daily or weekly habits like this 30-Days of Biking challenge? 

This month then, is a great event for me....look at the benefits:

30 (consistent) Days of Biking! 
My biggest mileage month ever (scheduled)! 
Increased speed!

Happy Easter everyone!

Big Clyde


Patrick Mahoney said...

Sounds awesome...hit the 200 man!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Proud of you, Clyde. Way to go. A new PR. What's next?

Tri4Success said...

Great job and you're almost there! It looks like you've been averaging 6mi/day so far but should be no problem upping that to 10mi/day for 6 days ..... and then it's back to that "what's next" question.

Kovas said...

Great streak going! Interesting that the image above shows the first and last to be the same, with the addition of wheels.

Jessica said...

You got that 200 miles!!! Way to go! Are you going to do another 30 Day Challenge? I did a 30 Day 1mile running challenge, and think I may do it again in May :)

Kimberley said...

Way to go BC! Well on your way to 30 days and 200 miles. That is an awesome accomplishment!

TRI714 said...

I would ask that you ride 201 miles, just so you break your goal. You got this.

Bruce said...

Nice job! Break through the 200 and start thinking about your next goal so you have a running start at the end of the week!

Funkart said...


Firstly congratulations, however I would like you to remove this evolution image that you copied from zazzle or cafepress. I earn a living off of my artwork and each unathorised copy distracts from that. If you wish to post the image with a link to my site - no problem :


Big Clyde said...

Thanks for the comment. I took you up on your request to credit your site on for your t-shirts. But you got me thinking...though I do enjoy your image, I can see that you added the siloutte of a cyclist to Rudolph Zallinger's images commonly known as "March of Man". I don't want this to sound snarky, but I didn't see you giving credit to Mr. Zallinger, whose artwork is the basis for nearly all of your artwork. I encourage you to give him credit, as I have done above.

Big Clyde