Friday, April 29, 2011

30 Days of Biking - DONE! 204 Miles in April

I am exceptional at going downhill.  Have I ever mentioned that?

I am very proud to have just completed the 30 Days of Biking Challenge, as well as my goal of riding 201 miles this month.  I actually ended up with 204 miles in April, with 344 cycling miles year-to-date. 

Why is this great news for me?

Because I have been wandering a bit this year, without a significant goal to work toward.  I RAN my first 5k last September (2010) and got 3rd in my age group.  Then, I RAN a 10k in January, 2011...another good goal for a guy like me.  But after each one of these races, I rested...for a month or so because there was no big epic event ahead of me.  I had actually committed to a half-marathon in late March, but began to realize that these "event-based" goals did not make as much sense to me anymore if I didn't have an ongoing, consistent exercise habit.  Sure, I could have trained to complete the half-marathon, but without a near-term carrot dangling in front of me, was I really developing consistent exercise habits?

So, in March, I cancelled the half-marathon and went low-key.  I committed to run OR bike, 6 days per week.  I called it The March Experiment.  I ran 27 miles and rode 104. 

When I read about the 30 Days of Biking Challenge for April, I thought it would be a fun way to really get back into cycling and keep me focused. 

When you add it up, I increased my cycling mileage by exactly 100 miles from March to April and exercised every day (eventhough a few of those days were only 10 minutes on the bike).

That is two months of exercising nearly every day.  I have not done this level of exercise in the last 25 years...and it is something for me to celebrate.

What's next for May?  
  • Another 204 bike miles? 
  • 250 miles?
  • Start running again like the March Experiment?  (I don't want to lose my ability to actually "run", but I really enjoyed the cycling much more.)
  • Finally get serious again about my nutrition?
  • Another 30 Days of Biking? 
You tell me.  That's right, I am asking you to set a goal for me in May

I am always inspired by all of you and you are a varied breed out there.  Some of you are hardcore tri's, just hoping that I will really get into racing form (I love that).  Others of you know that I have lost weight, gained it back and you have encouraged me to focus on nutrition.  And many of you are still wrestling with old habits and overcoming that sedentary lifestyle, just like me.

So, please give me your ideas.  I rarely turn down a challenge.  I will carefully consider anything you send my way and commit to one of them.  In the meantime, I will be on the bike!

Thanks for mentoring me on this journey, my friends.

Big Clyde


Julie said...

I like this 30 days of biking. I hate biking but really, really need to get to liking it. Maybe I need a challenge.
I'm sure you'll find something that will keep you going. We all need those types of things.
Thanks for the idea.
Take care and God Bless!!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Ideas...30 days of healthy eating (as you define, though I'd encourage you to revisit things that have worked in the past for you)...30 days of family fitness (where you engage in some form of exercise every day with either Samson, Mrs. Clyde, or that uncle you never write about, but we wish you would)

Clive Chapman said...

How about, riding every day in May, but adding on 2 miles to every pedal you did in April?

spunkysuzi said...

How about riding 5 days a week and eating healthier?? You can do it :)

Joy said...

How about working toward a triatholon? Might be a good challenge!!

Keep focused!

Kimberley said...

How did I miss this post? Congratulations BC!!!

I may be too late to vote but I am for getting serious about nutrition...note to self...take your own advice Kimberley!!!

Treading Lightly said...

That's really good. Thirty days of any activity carried out is terrific. My goal is to work out three times a week for the whole month and not skip a one.

TRI714 said...

Super happy for you. I don't know that I want to set your goal though because life gets a bit personalized. But I would like to see you challenge yourself with a run of 8-10 miles in distance, just so you can see how achievable that 1/2 Marathon WILL be when you do it.

Tri4Success said...

Congrats on completing the challenge!

Personally I like the idea behind the March Experiment. 6 days a week keeps you active while still giving you that 1 rest day to allow your body to get stronger. I think moving your focus more towards time spent being active instead of distance would be beneficial as well. For example, how many hours did you spend riding/running this past month? How about during March? Can you set a new best for training time?

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

WOo hoo! You're doing so great. The biking is awesome. I think you should repeat the miles from last month while tracking your calories. Don't weigh until end of the month. :)

Lesley @ said...

Love this Clyde! But I think the natural next step is picking a duathlon and training for it!!! The last year has been so successful for you, I'm excited to see what's next.

chris mcpeake said...

Running ... its a no brainer