Wednesday, May 25, 2011 the Future!

I started blogging in October of 2009 to see if a big guy could lose weight by riding a bike.  (the answer is "yes", but the weight comes off very slowly if he doesn't change his eating habits).

Then, on March 1, 2010, I finally changed my eating habits and counted about 1,800 calories per day and began to lose weight fast and steadily (with virtually no exercise).  In the first 12 weeks, I dropped 32 pounds!  That 12-week mark was one year ago yesterday.  Click here for the link to that post.

By September 6, 2010, I had dropped 50 pounds and ridden in several bike races and had run two 5k's.  Awesome! 

However, I hit that 50 pound mark like Oprah and likely gained back a pound the very next day, etc.

At the same time, my family was going through a very difficult experience that reached it's lowest point in September.  We stayed at that low point until March of this year.  (Things are much better now!).  During that time, my emotions and mental game were focused on family, work (always stressful, right?) and well, family.

So, since September, I have not tracked calories and rarely stepped on the scale.  I instead focused a bit more on mileage (running and cycling), but allowed myself to eat junk food and typical fatty entrees.  Not surprisingly, I have gained back weight.  About 25 pounds.  Most of you will be shocked by that, but some of you get it.

It is time for me to go BACK to my old habits that helped me lose those remaining 25 pounds from approximately this time last year through September.  With the same focus, I will re-lose those same pounds as I head in TO THE FUTURE.  This time, however, I will add consistent exercise. 

Notice that I didn't say that I will be adding aggressive exercise or stating huge epic goal-events, etc.  Those certainly might happen, but my goal this year is to exercise on a very consistent basis and make it a part of my life forever.

And improving my eating habits.

And losing those 25 pounds by September.


Never give up, my friends.

Big Clyde

P.S.  By the way, if you haven't yet checked it out, I recently started up another blog that just has some random posts on it.  Check it out when you have some time.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Strong End to May

I had a great April and at the end of it, asked your here for my post and your great comments.  Unfortunately, I let go of my focus and did nothing for three weeks.  Now, I am re-focusing and coming back to my healthy habits.

Some of you suggested that I add more cycling miles and others suggested that I start running again.  Some said both.   We all know the key to losing weight and staying healthy boils down to three deceptively simple actions: 
  • Eat less
  • Move more
  • Drink more (water)
Time for some honesty...I have re-gained some of the weight that I lost last year because I quit eating healthy and haven't used water consumption to help digestion and appettite control.

So, through the end of the month, I will be count my calories and drink lots of water.  Also, I will move every day, whether it is cycling or running. 

This is my best combination of your ideas.  And TRI714, your idea of an 8-10 mile run seemed impossible to me three weeks ago...but now it is starting to sound like something to work for and a good target to get me running again after 6 weeks of cycling.

It's simple and exactly what I need to do right now.  I'm even looking forward to getting disciplined again.  As for June, I'll determine some challenge for myself to make it fun.  I tend to be more motivated when I am making a game out of it!

Thanks for the solid advice everyone!

Big Clyde

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My (new) 2nd Blog - Clyde Explains

Let me begin by saying that I appreciate the great comments and encouragement on my last post.  I'll start my new plan this Sunday that will definitely include eating better, more cycling and possibly running (still unsure about the running).

But I also wanted to let you all know that I have started a 2nd blog.  It will hopefully be a funny blog on some of my thoughts that aren't related to cycling, running and health issues.

The blog is called Clyde Explains... and the address is   Surprisingly, I already have one follower!  Thanks, Pedaldork!

Anyway, when you get some time, please stop by and let me know what you think.

Big Clyde

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Still Here, Still Smiling

I'm  embarrassed to say that I have failed in my exercise goals for May so far.  I was on quite a roll with 30 Days of Biking in April and record mileage for the month.  Then, I solicited your advice for May and you came through with great encouragement and direction. 

And I did nothing. 

I don't recall what happened exactly, but maybe you have had this occur in your life as well.  I took a day off, then was genuinely busy for a day or two.  Then, we did some family stuff.  A week passed, then...well, you get the idea.

My motto for this blog has always been "keep moving" (or "never quit").  When cycling, my goal is to always be peddling, even if it is slow.  But the beauty of cycling is that you CAN COAST and enjoy the ride.  For awhile.  Then, you have to pedal again and likely, you have to pedal harder to get some momentum going. 

It is time for me to start "pedalling" again.  I will again consult your challenges for me in this post and establish some goals to finish May and into June.  

On a personal note, all is well at work and home.  The kids are finishing their school year at their "Hogwarts"-style smarty-pants school, so my wife and I have been stumbling our way through as tutors in biology, Latin, literature, etc.  Our family time has been great, but I know that I can have that AND continue on my Clydesdale Project of eating well and regular exercise. 

Thanks for hanging in there with me.  I have been surfing your sites as well and see that many of you are actively racing, working your plans and making great progress.  I'll be joining you soon.

Big Clyde

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Thanks so much for your great ideas about my goal for May.  More on that soon.

For today, my focus is on three special women in my life:
  • My mother, who is living life much better these days after receiving a new liver about 7 years ago.  Her health gets better each year and I love her so much.  Thanks for everything Mom.
  • Mother Theresa, my mother-in-law who welcomed me into the family over 20 years ago and even bought that extra-long futon for our visits.  It's hard to be the tallest one in a family of short medium-sized people.
  • Mrs. Clyde, my beautiful wife of 20 years and mother of my 3 children.  We have raised three wonderful kids together and they are confident, happy, kind and they love you so very much.
So to you three, and all of you other Mom's out there, I wish you Happy Mother's Day!  Hug the babies and do something to treat yourself.

Mrs. Clyde, mother of 3, looking beautiful on her new bike!