Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Thanks so much for your great ideas about my goal for May.  More on that soon.

For today, my focus is on three special women in my life:
  • My mother, who is living life much better these days after receiving a new liver about 7 years ago.  Her health gets better each year and I love her so much.  Thanks for everything Mom.
  • Mother Theresa, my mother-in-law who welcomed me into the family over 20 years ago and even bought that extra-long futon for our visits.  It's hard to be the tallest one in a family of short medium-sized people.
  • Mrs. Clyde, my beautiful wife of 20 years and mother of my 3 children.  We have raised three wonderful kids together and they are confident, happy, kind and they love you so very much.
So to you three, and all of you other Mom's out there, I wish you Happy Mother's Day!  Hug the babies and do something to treat yourself.

Mrs. Clyde, mother of 3, looking beautiful on her new bike!


Grace Kent said...

Hey, cool blog! (I love my mom!) My friend told me about this blog, and I really like it. I just started blogging a few weeks ago and I think it's pretty fun. You should check it out sometime! I hope you post something again soon!

Grace Kent

Kimberley said...


Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful ladies in your life!

Patrick said...

Clyde, how ya been. Good I hope. I see you got the bike tires still going round & round. Must mean you are less round yourself, no?

Be well!