Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Strong End to May

I had a great April and at the end of it, asked your here for my post and your great comments.  Unfortunately, I let go of my focus and did nothing for three weeks.  Now, I am re-focusing and coming back to my healthy habits.

Some of you suggested that I add more cycling miles and others suggested that I start running again.  Some said both.   We all know the key to losing weight and staying healthy boils down to three deceptively simple actions: 
  • Eat less
  • Move more
  • Drink more (water)
Time for some honesty...I have re-gained some of the weight that I lost last year because I quit eating healthy and haven't used water consumption to help digestion and appettite control.

So, through the end of the month, I will be count my calories and drink lots of water.  Also, I will move every day, whether it is cycling or running. 

This is my best combination of your ideas.  And TRI714, your idea of an 8-10 mile run seemed impossible to me three weeks ago...but now it is starting to sound like something to work for and a good target to get me running again after 6 weeks of cycling.

It's simple and exactly what I need to do right now.  I'm even looking forward to getting disciplined again.  As for June, I'll determine some challenge for myself to make it fun.  I tend to be more motivated when I am making a game out of it!

Thanks for the solid advice everyone!

Big Clyde


Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Simple can be good. Go get 'em, Clyde!

Is there a blog award for best use of thematic pictures? You'd win, hands down.

Megan said...

you'll get back into the routine because you're heart is in it. I need to get back into eating healthy myself, I'll join you in this challenge!

Kimberley said...

Yay for healthy habits! Maybe I should jump on this wagon!

Tri4Success said...

Sounds like a great way to kick things back into gear! Can't wait to see how you challenge yourself in June.

Jessica said...

I am trying to get my motivation for the summer going. Summer is my busiest time at work...and I need something big to motivate me to get in those workouts after a long day!

TRI714 said...

You can do any of it. And I bet most people are suprised that I was the one that suggested the running miles and not the riding miles. HA, FOOLED YA !

Raegun said...

Sometimes a return to the simple things is just what we need. That orange bike is the coolest! ;)

Michele said...

Eat less, move more are the plain words I try to follow. You can get it back off!

Christina said...

Keep it up, Clyde! I can't wait to hear the first update!