Monday, June 27, 2011

Waving from the Bleachers

Okay, maybe that is a strange title for this post.  But I feel like I have (temporarily) moved from the playing field to the bench...and maybe to the bleachers.  While you are all out there focusing on your exercise, nutrition and general fun on the field, I realize that I am a bit stuck right now up in the bleachers.  I am okay, doing fine and anxious to get back on the field.

Thanks for your great comments on my last post.  Your continued support means a tremendous amount to me. 

Given that I won't be posting any news on a recent run or bike ride, let me at least give you a quick update to dispel any concerns. 

 I am not depressed, giving up or anything like that.  Instead, I am just focusing my time in the areas that I mentioned earlier (work, church stuff, friends' challenges, etc.).  You have no doubt also heard about the fires in Arizona and my close friend nearly lost his home and his business about 8 days ago.  All are safe now and a shift in the winds saved their property from the fire.  I did a bit of help on distributing goods to the people who lost their homes and possessions.   So tragic, yet wonderful how the community rallies around the victims.
For those of you who have asked, our church thing is slowly working itself out.   The short version is found in Matthew 18:20.  The church was never intended to be a building.  It is a community of those who want to be like Jesus.  Maybe this is where the healing begins.

Oh, and we found out last week that someone stole our credit card info and charged $300 at a Claim Jumper restaurant in CA.  Mrs. Clyde even was in the news report.  Thankfully, our bank caught the fraud issue and we are not out any money.   Thank you, Big Brother!

Big Clyde doesn't like credit card thieves.
So, I am busy and hope to get back into a routine soon before it all becomes a distant memory. 

One motivator for me is my new Garmin Forerunner 305 that I received from Father's Day.  It is a luxury and a toy, I suppose.  But I think it will be motivating for me to strive to maintain an even pace on runs, etc. 

I just received a headline news alert that it is now 112 degrees here in Tucson...the hottest since 1995.   Guh.

We are off for a quick vacation for some much needed R&R.  I hope to get some activity in then and back on track next week.

 Big Clyde

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Despite great intentions toward achieving the JUNE BOOM challenge (thanks again, Alan!), I have failed in that area.  To put it very simply, I have not been running, cycling or exercising lately.

Why?  I always wonder if it is worthwhile to rationalize or justify why something didn't get done, but I believe that we all have to make those choices of balancing work, family, etc., and exercise for me is one of those areas that I am willing to sacrifice at times.  Add in the fact that exercise has never been a lifelong love of mine and it tends to be the first to go.

Work has been tough.  I am in sales in the construction industry.  Every month, I hear about 2-3 people that are getting laid off, due to the slow housing trends.  These are either co-workers or customers, but they are people that I am close to and it adds to feelings of sadness and worry.  When it is a co-worker, it adds to more work for those of us who remain.  I believe that things are slowly improving, but the concern is strong with everyone in our business.

My family is great, all are healthy.  We are enjoying having so much time together while my wife and kids are on summer break.  When I finish work at 6pm or so, we tend to play together.  It seemed easier for me to go for a run or a ride when they were buried under piles of homework.

I have been vague about a huge church problem that occurred last year, but the ripples continue to spread out amongst our large circle of friends.  We were basically a large group of friends that met up every week at a church that we loved.  That all ended in November.  Since that time, we all feel a bit scattered and are working through individual feelings of insecurity, frustration and a basic lack of meaningful worship.   We are still social, but this thing still needs to heal up and it continues to eat up time each week...even lately.

So, I have been away from the blogs a bit lately and away from exercise, but I hope to get back in gear soon.

I hope that you are all doing well and I will continue to check in as I can.

Big Clyde

Friday, June 10, 2011

Gimme a Ticket for an Airplane...

The house has been relatively drab without our lovely girl, who has been with the grandparents for over a week.  Time to get her back home.

Lonely days are gone...

Big Clyde

Friday, June 3, 2011

I Laughed at a Runner...

Yes, I am admitting to you here...that I laughed at a guy in my neighborhood last night.  I know him, so maybe it's okay.    You decide.

He is a big guy, definitely.  And I get that we all have to start somewhere.  But this poor guy was out there, barely moving beyond a walking pace.  Shuffling, really.

He had all of the gear that a regular runner has:  the iPod, the Road ID bracelet, the safety cap-light, the TOO-SHORT running shorts showing the huge white thighs, etc.

Yet for all of the gear and the attempts to look like some high-speed triathlete, there he was just shuffling along.

And I found myself smiling at him at first.

And then, I laughed at him.

Like I said, it should be okay for me to laugh...I know him.

He is me.

I laughed at myself, on my first RUN in 10 weeks.  You can look at recent posts that discuss how I basically did nothing in May, or how I only rode my bike in April, or mixed running with cycling in March.

But on this first shuffle run since late-March, I remembered that I am a runner!   Yes, I was slow on this run, but I could remember going faster and I could remember going 3 miles without stopping and 4 miles without stopping and and 5 miles without stopping.  And I remembered completing my first (and only) 10K in January in 1:08 mins and being pretty proud of it all.

I realized that even the short runs, at a slow pace, can have huge impact on our mental game.  And in the end, the mental game is 90% of it for some of us.

So instead of being filled with regret and shame for falling backward on my running, etc., I found myself laughing at my situation and looking forward to seeing the progress come again. 

I love a comeback story, especially when I get to see it happen up close.

See you out there.

Big Clyde

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Boom...and blogger questions

I finished May with great food choices, but allowed myself to be a bit lax over the holiday weekend (which also had birthdays for my wife and son).  Back on track now.

As for June, I will be doing Alan's June Boom Challenge!  Many of you have already read about it, but go to his blog to get the details.  Thanks, Alan, for the great idea.  People are excited. (cool graphic too).

My activity will most likely be biking, but I am also going to get back to running.  I enjoy it, but not as much as biking.  Should be interesting.

I actually didn't get in any activity yesterday, so I am already breaking one of the rules of the challenge which is to exercise 30 minutes a day for the month of June.  But isn't this where many of us start to give up?  We set an aggressive goal, stumble at one point (with a Starbucks donut or a missed workout) and begin to allow ourselves to give up on the rest of the goal since we have "already failed".  Please don't let that happen to you (and I won't either).  This journey is a marathon, not a sprint.   The June Boom is a CHALLENGE because it is likely more difficult than our normal routines.  That means it is okay to reach high and fall a bit short, as opposed to not reaching high at all.

So, I will make up that 30 minutes tonight.  I won't win the award for literally 30 days of exercise, but I am honoring the spirit of it and bottom line, getting exercise minutes in.

Now, on to blogger...I have been very frustrated lately as I know many of you have been.  Even this morning, I have been reading many blogs and trying to leave comments.  On some blogs, I can post a comment using my blogger address or even "anonymous", but with about 5-6 of your blogs, I can't even post a comment!  I am so sorry because I am following along and want to encourage.

Caratunk Girl got fed up and switched to Wordpress, which didn't affect how I follow her blog.  But she always had her own address that didn't have "blogspot" in it.  Does anyone else have any experience doing this?  I now have google g-mail accounts (for me and my family) and I don't want to disrupt the whole thing and lose it all if I switch, but I also want to be able to leave comments.