Monday, July 4, 2011

Big Clyde Abides

This was a great long weekend for me and my family.  We were away for several days at a resort, just floating in the pool, visiting with friends and playing together.    Here is the picture I took of our car dashboard panel at 1pm on Saturday.     See it?  "Exterior Temp:  119 degrees"
The official temperature in Phoenix got up to 118 degrees, but our dash reported 119 degrees in Scottsdale.  Nonetheless, the heat was brutal and a definite record for the area!   Floating in the pool and an afternoon nap felt great.
Looks like I missed a spot with the sunscreen lotion.
We realized that it was a coincidence that we were at the exact same resort a year ago. The resort was great...very luxurious at a great low price because it is so hot here in the desert in the summertime. Few vacation here in the summer, so the resorts drop their rates and it gives us locals a great quick getaway.

Feeling a bit nostalgic, I looked back at my blog from a year ago.  We had just returned from staying at the same resort and I wrote about the gratitude I was feeling for my family, my health and the recent health changes in my life.    Here is the link if you want to see it.

I also wrote about my close friends who had just lost their father.  We had recently attended his funeral.  It made me so sad to think of their loss and how we would all miss this very sweet and happy guy.  They have to be missing him terribly right now.  Their loss made me value my time with my family and how I want to focus on gratitude.

It's ironic that my focus then was pretty much the same as it is now.  My attitude recently has been to simply...ABIDE.  For various reasons, I did not set any specific goals this year (as I had done in previous years), nor had I signed up for epic races, etc.   And I have no regrets.

I am not on contract to anyone to ride a certain amount of miles,
lose a specific amount of weight,
or prove anything to anyone. 

My highest priority is be faithful to God and then to be a great husband and father.   If things are cool with them, then I am happy to go for a bike ride or a run, etc.  If we are struggling with one thing or another, then I'm less motivated.  It's as simple as that.

Sometimes I read posts where people feel badly about their lack of activity or progress.  Some wallow in it, some use tough talk to get out of it and some sign up foolishly and boldly for a huge event!  I guess I do all of those at different times, but I try to keep it upbeat.

I hope that you will pardon me for several introspective posts lately.  If I got into such horrible shape by years decades of lethargy and some emotional eating, it will likely take some tinkering to gain new SUSTAINABLE habits.  I am in that zone now.  Abiding.

The Clyde Abides.

P.S.   Check out my other blog Clyde Explains where I detail "The Baskin-Robbins Cheerleader Incident".   I may ruin peanut-butter-and-chocolate ice cream for you forever.


oh_mg said...

119º?! Holy moley! Glad you could stay cool in the pool.

Also - if you could ruin pb/chocolate ice cream for me forever, I would be so grateful! That stuff is addicting!

Fat Daddy said...

You had me at cheerleader. And then ice cream. Clyde...I'm not sure people were ever intended to live in such places as you just visited. 119. Wow. I'm sure it was a dry heat. Like an oven.

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

I love your positive attitude and how you have your priorities straight. Try not to melt the other half of your face!

Lesley @ said...

Do you need some sunscreen recommendations? ;-) Kidding. Hilarious photo.

And I agree, sometimes priorities are different and that's ok...

Bruce said...

I think you have your priorities straight my friend. Just consider, when you take care of your health, that it increases your ability to do much better in the other areas as well. Don't give up on staying healthy! It's easy to slip back into old habits. I've done it too many times and it has ended up affecting my abilities in other areas. Thanks for helping me along in my journey!

Michele said...

Other's have said it and I echo: you have your priorities set. I call it cruise control. You: abide. Similar notions.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Sounds like you're in a good space. Happy for you. And, um, yeah, if you can ruin chocolate peanut butter ice cream for me, that would be a great service. I'll check it out.