Monday, July 11, 2011

We're Getting the Band Back Together!

When The Beatles broke up, people had to have wondered "but why??"  "Why would they mess up such a good thing?"  But others might have speculated that "change is good", "they are all maturing and will go on to do great things", "they've earned some time off", etc.

I contend that The Beatles needed a break and they had earned it.  But once they began separating from each other, they never again re-captured the magic.  I do not want to be The Beatles.

In September of last year, I quit doing all of the things that had helped me to lose 50 pounds.  Here is what I STOPPED doing in a consistent manner:
  • drinking tons of water each day (to help curb my appetite)
  • logging my 1,750 daily calories into
  • having a mileage goal or race in front of me to keep me motivated
  • getting on the scale
  • blogging (reading and writing)
I thought I deserved a vacation from all of those steps. 
I thought I might have "fixed myself", so that I would never again fall into bad habits.
I thought that I could "maintain", just by "wanting to maintain".

Well, it is time to get the band back together.  I dusted off some items today and felt like I was gathering up my bandmates for a great reunion tour. 

  • Huge jug for ice water
  • bananas and apples
  • diet green tea
  • low-cal yogurt (no ice cream)
  • oatmeal (low-cal breakfast)
  • mushrooms, egg whites and hot sauce for breakfast scramble eggs
  • turkey pepperoni (for breakfast, or anytime)
  • asparagus (not pictured)
  • baby carrots (not pictured)
  • Subway - ham and tons of veggies, no cheese, no dressings other than vinagrette
These foods were filling, quick to fix, cheap and tasty.  I am sure improvements can be made, but this is pretty balanced and kept me pretty happy at about 1,750 calories per day. 

I will re-capture the magic.  Some bands are even better when they reunite.

Hello Cleveland!


Kimberley said...

You had me at turkey pepperettes!

Go Clyde!!!

Patrick Mahoney said...

I'm not sure what I would do if hot sauce was on the list of things to avoid when it came to weight loss.

Speaking of the break up of the Beatles, this is a great book if you are interested in what happened afterwards...

Mary said...

I was so glad to see your comment. It actually made me cry. Since I've moved, I felt like everyone had abandoned me but when you got time, you were right there, just like you always have been. Thank you so much. Read the book.. just because it's about post surgery, it has sooo many lessons. You'll get a lot from it. God bless you my friend. Mary

Liv said...

Wow...I just stumbled on your blog & I'm glad I did! Earlier tonight, I just watched Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition (Monday nights on ABC at 10pm/9c). Have you seen it? Tonight's episode was really powerful as they dealt with food addiction and OA..and Wally, who the episode was about did a 100 mile bike ride in Florida heat...after reading about your biking, I thought you might be interested:

Anyway, great post & glad the "band" is back for you. Looking forward to reading more...

Mark said...

Hombre, any post that mentions turkey pepperoni, Spinal Tap, AND The Beatles is surely worthy of reading. COngratulations for getting back on the wagon.

A healthy lifestyle is just that—a lifestyle. It can be difficult at time to maintain, but you have to keep coming back to it if you want a great quality of life.

Keep up the great work!

Caratunk Girl said...

I love hot sauce. Seriously, it makes everything better.

Go get them Clyde!

Kovas said...

I just resolved again to cleanup my eating and get down to a healthier weight - thanks for the motivating post!

Tri4Success said...

All you need is water, turkey pepperoni, and hot sauce to get the Beatles back together?!?!? Sweet!

Wait a minute, I may have mis-interpreted. This sounds like the best move you've made to jump back in the game. Keep it up!

RockStarTri said...

You chose to stop and are now choosing to restart. Go for it.

I wonder if Ringo will ever exceed the acting fame he achieved in "Caveman."

On a more serious note: El Tour is Nov19. Just sayin...

Michele said...

Love that new band. Plus it is almost APPLE season! Here's to a renewed band effort!

Christina said...

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