Sunday, July 10, 2011

Workout Goals for this Week

I have a new story that is posted over on my other blog, involving Baskin Robbins, cheerleaders and my first part-time job.  Jump over and take a look if you have time.  Here's the link

It's time to get back in gear.  My belly has increased, just as my exercise has decreased.  And I miss being out there.  Cycling's fun, right?
In Arizona, there are virtually no races during the summer, but I will be looking ahead to see if there are some goals and races that I need to set for the fall season.  To get ready for that, I need to get moving now.

Here's the very short term plan:
Monday:  3-mile run (which will likely involve some walk breaks).
Tuesday:  At least 30 minutes on the bike.
Wednesday:  Run/walk - mileage will depend on time.
Thursday:  Bike
Friday:  rest
Saturday:  Bike
Sunday:  5 mile run

It should be 12 miles on foot and 30 on the bike.

I'll report in daily as I get it done. 

Big Clyde


Kimberley said...

Great goals for the week BC. Planning can really help make the transition back to exercise easier.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Get er done!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Clad to see you check in Clyde. I like your planned approach.

Fat Daddy said...

That's a great plan. And I saw your goal over at my place too. I look forward to seeing how it is going. I'm gonna post my own activity some to help me stay honest.

TRI714 said...

races ? who cares. Do it for you. I know you enjoy it when you do it. Just do it !
heres good karma sent your way -->

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Great to hear from you and a great plan for workouts this week!