Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lowered Expectations

As I recover from a bulging disk in my back, I am reminded of the dialogue between Vizzini and Fezzik in The Princess Bride movie:

You were supposed to be this colossus.   You were this great, legendary thing...

I had a personal challenge to achieve this summer.  
I was going to get down to my fighting weight by September 5th. 
I was going to do the 10k in mid-September (my second 10K). 
And let's not forget my Feets Of goal to run, walk or shuffle every day in August.

Well, I got a bit distracted, got sick, then got injured.  So much for my plan.

I have been going out each day for no more than 30 minutes at a time, walking at a decent pace.  That's it.  I am feeling much better, but still in a lot of pain after I have been sitting down.   On my walk last night, I was actually feeling good enough that I decided to start running.  I was going at a pace of about 12 min/mile for only three minutes.  Not too speedy and not too long.  But by the end of my 30 minutes, I was limping home.

I will keep doing the core exercises, the walking and doing them both DAILY, without fail.  But I am very disappointed in myself. 

This isn't uplifting, I know, but it is just what I am feeling now.  I hope you are all doing much better than me.

On a more positive note, please check out my other blog, Clyde Explains, to read a funny story that happened today.

Big Clyde


Michael said...

Sorry to hear about your back. Back injuries can sideline you. I know first hand, having had to deal with 2 herniated disks at the same time. Take it easy and slow and it will get better. I am fighting an elbow injury as we speak and it sucks!

Bruce said...

When I was struggling with injuries the first part of the year, I decided when I finally went in for PT that I would do what they told me even though I wanted to run. What I did was focus on what I could do instead of dwelling on what I couldn't. I learned a lot about strengthening my core and stretches. I also was able to walk which help keep me active. I knew I could also focus on my diet.
Learn what you can from this experience. Do what you can and don't give up! There's a 10K waiting for you some other time. You can still work on getting to the weight you want. Hang in there my friend!

Jessica said...

You are out there and doing something...something is better than nothing. And when you are healed you will be doing more than something...You will be rocking it! So be kind to yourself...don't push it too hard! You will get there again!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Clyde, have you seen that Patrick is back? I think the three of us (guys!) are in similar places, having been at this for more than a year, stalled, and needing to pick up where we left off. I know you can do this thing. I'm going to do everything in my power to stay on top of the situation - every day.

Hope you're feeling better. Keep walking and building it back.

Clive Chapman said...

One of my favourite sayings by the late great John Lennon was - "Life is what happens to you while you're making plans."

Never a truer word...

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Sometimes things do not go as planned. That's life. It's ok to roll with the punches and change plans. Doesn't make you a failure. Just make an adjustment and move on. You can do this!

Kate said...

The race was awesome. And by awesome, I mean that I didn't die and came back with some impressive bruises to show off at the family reunion.

I'm sorry that you're hurt. That's so frustrating to have goals that have to be sidelined. Be patient with yourself. (Easy to say from this side). Good luck! I hope you're recovered soon.

Michele said...

Take care. DOn't overdue. You will get back at it (pun!) in no time.