Monday, August 8, 2011

Out of Sorts

My brief momentum is under attack.
  • I became sick about 8 days ago and it has worsened each day.  I have been on antibiotics that make me want to hurl a bit.  I'm hurlish.
  • We did get a new air conditioner, finally.  My family is speaking to me once again.  It is huge, extremely efficient and a bit pricey. to pay for it quickly?!
  • I am no savvy investor, but I have money in the stock market.  I could use some funds to pay for the air conditioner.  Been watching the news lately??
  • I have been thinking a bit about the show "Lost".  Do you remember how they were all stranded, stuck on the same island, yet also at odds with each other, in divided camps?  Sometimes allies, sometimes not?  My family and I recently reunited with some of "the others".  It went well.  At some point, you realize that "freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose" and it requires less energy to get along than to hang on to frustrations from the past.   Perhaps we will all live happily ever after.  It only took the Oceanic castaways six years.  Maybe we can do it in just one.
Sorry if this is a bit cryptic.  I feel terrible and wanted to post something. 



Kimberley said...

I was wondering how you were doing.

Sorry to see you have been ill. Hope you recover quickly.

Yippee to getting air conditioning!!!

Don't feel de"feet"ed! Once you get back to health, you can get back to your goals.

I love cryptic messages...especially when there is a reference to "others."

Hang in there Clyde. Hugs!!!

Jessica said...

Feel better :(

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Get into sorts soon Clyde!

Clive Chapman said...

Get well soon feller!

Tri4Success said...

A Janis Joplin quote in the middle of a Lost reference? That's as cool as a new air conditioner!

Bruce said...

I had a similar type illness in the spring where I had to take antibiotics to finally make me better. It seemed forever, but I sure was happy when it was all over! Hope you get better soon.

Hope the rest gets right as well!

Stay tough!

Mrs. Johnson said...

You can always do "Feets of September", or any other month. Hope you feel better soon!

Fat Daddy said...


I was wondering how you've been. Try your best to be strong. Get out into the sun if only for a few minutes to soak it in if you can. The crud will pass, and you'll get back on track.

As for the stocks, I'm trying to find a bright I always see coupons for dog food. Can it really taste all that bad?