Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Want You Back - Song #2

It was 1969 and I was four years old.  I'm sure I didn't know who the Jackson 5 was by listening to the radio, but I definitely watched their tv cartoon.  That led me to love their music.  This song is one of my favorites. 

So, here is song #2, pulled from the same era as my recent bike.  I am glad that I sold it because it was the right thing to do.  But I still want it back.  "Oh darling, I was blind to let you go..." (music starts at 1:21)

Before I sold my Schwinn last Sunday, I went for a great ride through the neighborhood. Autumn has come to the Tucson desert. Just the week before, we had temps over 100 degrees and our afternoon monsoons. Both of those elements are likely gone now and that makes cycling so much easier here. As I rode around, I could smell a fireplace or small backyard burn going and it reminded me of my childhood. I used to ride my bike everywhere. I want to instill that same feeling for my kids with their bikes.

On Saturday, my friend Crazy Jim and I are doing a 22-mile ride on Saturday that is called Connect 2 Tucson.  The good people of Tucson have connected two different bike paths to create a safer, longer path.  In time, it will be a 55-mile path.  Awesome.  Driving in traffic is not tremendously dangerous for experienced cyclists, but very tough on beginners and families.  A big loop (with virtually no hills) will certainly build cycling in Tucson.  I'll let you know how it goes!  Here is the map for the route, or click the link above for more info.

Big Clyde


writingtowellness said...

Can you link the route in Tucson - living here, I would enjoy a ride without a lot of terrain!

Kimberley said...

Very cool about the bike path.

Great of my faves!

Michele said...

Sounds like a great ride!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Good tune! I'm just now upping my mileage and looking forward to similar rides. How awesome that you'll be able to do a 50+ mile loop. Have a great 22er with Crazy Jim.