Friday, September 23, 2011

Spinning Wheel - Song #1

 A longer post today with many pictures and a great song.

Let's start with some music.  I've chosen "Spinning Wheel" from Blood, Sweat and Tears. 

According to an old article in Rolling Stone magazine, the "Spinning Wheel" in this song is the band's way of saying that things always come full circle. In the first two verses, he says that it's a shame to become preoccupied with your problems. Whatever is troubling you, whether it is lack of money or homelessness, it will work itself out one way or another and it's just not worth getting upset over.  "Ride a painted pony, let the spinning wheel spin'' suggests a merry-go-round. They are telling you to just get on the ride and let it go. It will eventually stop.

Good advice. 

Though this little countdown series started as a silly thing about my misgivings about selling my gorgeous vintage Schwinn Collegiate, I've enjoyed playing through some videos.  As always, I choose to find some deeper meanings in certain song lyrics.  The description above reminds us that we are very adaptable and resilient.  If you have struggled or are struggling with certain goals or life issues, do your best to keep your head up and pedal through, day after day.  No one has a constant winning streak.  There will be setbacks, but that should not stop us from continuing onward toward improvements in the future.

This resonates with me, since I find myself still very overweight as I hit my two-year blogging anniversary.  I was heavy, lost a lot of weight (with great fanfare from many of you), then quietly and steadily gained back quite a bit.  My big cycling race, El Tour de Tucson, looms again in November and I feel that I am again in bad shape.  But I know that I can drop weight, build up my stamina and enjoy the process.  I'm not going to let the setbacks get me down.

I went out for a late afternoon ride yesterday.  It was just over 9 miles, but it was a bit tiring.  Still 100 degrees outside, with a decent wind blowing...not ideal riding weather.  My bigger ride on Saturday will be at 7am, so it should be much cooler.

And now for some pics:
The one and only bike, built for distance, errands and comfort.

My velodrome...I ride in a suburban area, set in a valley.  Great views!


Kimberley said...

You have great taste in music...I love me some BS&T!

I love how you delved into the deeper true.

Great job on your bike ride...especially in that heat.

I am really enjoying the bike at the gym and getting my stationary miles is my favourite piece of cardio equipment.

Bruce said...

That song took me way back. Way back to my own yellow Schwinn Continental 10 speed. :) Blood Sweat and Tears had such a unique sound from their instruments all the way to their lead singer. It was great music for sure.

Good for you not to give up. I think giving up is not so much a conscience decision as much as missing a day or two and then a week and so on while we keep telling ourselves I'll start back on Monday.

BTW, where you see a bike ride, I look at the last picture and see some mountains inviting me to hike.