Monday, November 21, 2011

My Red-Shirt Season

Still here.  Nothing to report in terms of The Clydesdale Project.  No recent miles, no calorie-counting. 

There is a difference between giving up and not moving forward.  I anticipate moving forward again with training for another 5k, then 10k in January.  But I have not been exercising for awhile.

I started this blog in 2009.  I wrote a lot of posts and read/commented on many posts.  I trained and raced in El Tour de Tucson (34-mile route).  But my wife was working about 60 hours per week, my kids were in different schools that weren't challenging or fulfilling and I had A LOT of free time.  In hindsight, we were all doing our own thing and not too happy.

In 2010, I raced more, lost a lot of weight and learned that I can develop new healthy habits.   The kids got into a new smarty-pants school, which was very challenging for all of us.  In a few other areas, we worked very hard and ended the year with a major transition in our lives.  We ended the year feeling worn out, unhappy and facing a lot of question marks ahead.

In 2011, my motivation was elusive.  I remember starting to write several posts about my goals for 2011, but never finishing them because I just didn't have much motivation.  Things were too challenging in other areas of our lives.  So, I stayed at home much more, ate whatever and gained back a lot of weight.

Though I had some successful events this year (running a 10k, 30 Days of Biking), I am coming to think of 2011 as my "redshirt season". 

The term "redshirt" is used to describe a student-athlete who does not participate in competition in a sport for an entire academic year.

At age 45, I am clearly not a college athlete.  But it is fair to say that I spent much of this year on the bench (and even healing up a bit).

I read posts that call for "no excuses" and that "time in training is really better for your family in the long term".  I get it. 

I've also seen training become obsessive, which can be challenging for families and marriages.  We all have different priorities, different motivating forces and different lifestyles. 

My priorities?  Being a good husband, a good father, helping with homework and chores, paying the bills, doing my job well and being present.  I can do that and be overweight.  It's just nothing to blog about.

Can I carve out 30 minutes a day, 5-6 days/week for exercise?  Sure.  I have to.  I've got to get back in that routine.  And I will.  I am finding my motivation again and have been looking at training schedules and races for 2012.

Thanks for staying with me and encouraging me along the way.

Big Clyde


Clydesdale Jogger said...

A red shirt means something completely different to a Trekkie!

Now it's my turn to say 'hang in there!' It's true, I think, that there are no excuses...but there are bona fide situations that that can keep one from following the fitness path as closely as one might wish.

It sound to me that you have your priorities in the right order. I just wrote a post where I concluded that I have to take care of myself before I can take care of others. But I think it is equally true that one can run the risk of taking care of oneself to the exclusion of others.

I think you are correct about the difference between giving up and not moving forward. You do not seem to be the type that gives up easily. For me, not moving forward meant gaining back all my weight and I thought I had given up. It's taken a year to realize how far I've gone forward mentally.

Find the other ways you're moving forward.

I believe in you.

Caratunk Girl said...

Hey you are on the right track and have your priorities 100% straight!! Nothing wrong with taking some time off, and I bet you are moving forward in other aspects of your life that are more important to you is all!

You are a rockstar in my book!!

spunkysuzi said...

Sometimes we need time off. I for one am glad to see you back! Take care of yourself.

RockStarTri said...

"Being a good husband, a good father, helping with homework and chores, paying the bills, doing my job well and being present. I can do that and be overweight."

You can do all that and not be overweight too. None of this is easy, all of it is worth it.

Your motivation will return and we'll be here to help you along. Game on.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

I look forward to you finding that motivation again. I sometimes think I can't afford the time to do this, and then I remember why I do it and what the alternative is and I realize I just cannot give up. I like how you phrase this as a plateau and will get back after it in 2012. Just do me a favor and don't let this be an excuse to go crazy eating between now and Dec. 31.

lindsay said...

I actually like this idea for our adult-hood running. I'm not sure if I could call 2011 my redshirt year or if I should save it for 2012...

We can still be active and healthy without going overboard! Go for family walks after dinner, play in the yard with kids, enjoy your family time while also showing them that exercise is important (and doesn't have to be defined by how many miles you ran).

Happy Thanksgving!

Susietri said...

Evil Susie says: Get off your ass! Honest. I'm a little frustrated with myself for gaining weight going into my 2nd Ironman and I'm back on the weightwatchers wagon again. It's easier to keep weight off than to lose it over and over again.

On your day off you get stronger, on your days off, you get fat.

Nice Susie says, it's a lifestyle change. It doesn't happen over night, it happens day by day and if you're happy with your diet and activity 80% of the time then you're golden.