Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just Like Antone

One of the curses that my wife has had to endure in our almost 21 years of marriage is when I ask her "How about that guy?...Do I look like him?"

This usually happens when we are out running errands somewhere and we see some other big guy with a weight problem.  Most often, I am way off and have chosen some guy who is much rounder than me.  It is hard to get a true sense of perspective when we tend to just see ourselves standing in front of the mirror.  Maybe that is why so many people have their "a-ha" moment when they see a photo of themselves (from the side, or the back).

Anyway, we have been watching The Biggest Loser this season and met Antone Davis.  He is similar to me in a few ways:
  • He's 6'4" (193cm)
  • He's bald (or shaves his head, like I do)
  • He's in his mid-40's, married with kids
  • He has battled his weight for awhile now
About two weeks ago, we were watching the show and my wife initiated the comment this time. 

"That's you," she said.

At this point, Antone probably weighed just above 300 lbs.  He looked like me (but with a better tan).  Though he once weighed 476 lbs, he was now in my neighborhood.

Last night, we watched the finale and he weighed in at 245 lbs.  He reminded me of a body type that I once had (except the huge muscle tone that went with it). 

I lived in Japan in my early 20's and got down to 217 (basically because I only ate ramen and drank beer and rode my bike everywhere.   Hmmm).

I am not trying to get down to 217.  Maybe not even 245.  250 sounds good.  Now, I can even picture what I would look like. 

Remember the phrase about Michael Jordan?  "I want to be like Mike!"  That is silly for most guys.  They will never grow to be 6'6".

But I can be just like Antone.

Big Clyde


Lesley @ said...

I loved Antone... Sounds like a great body image goal to me. He looked fit and healthy at the finale. (I hate that some years, the women look ill and like they need to be fed.)

Mer and Mo said...

I wanted Antone to win, but alas it didn't happen. I like that you tried to find someone to "be"...good goal, something to contemplate in my own journey.


Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

It's great to have role models in this stuff. That's a great look in the "after" shot. Maybe that's you someday soon!

Bruce said...

It was an interesting season. I did like that John and Antone competed against each other. They both worked hard and both looked great.

You'll be there soon my friend. Just like Antone, you got to start believing in yourself and get it done!