Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I May Have Found The Answer

Today was one of those days where many people seemed to want to vent their troubles on to me.  I was sympathetic, but tried hard not to get any on me.  It felt like I was slogging through mud all day, getting worse by the hour.

By the end of the day, I was at the grocery store picking up some items for dinner.  Naturally, I thought that I deserved an extra snack for the way home.  Or maybe even to pick up some candy for a long drive that I have tomorrow.  This is how I have grown to be a very large man.  

I needed a treat to bring me some happiness.  And it definitely would have worked for a short while. 

But then I was surprised that I started repeating the thought "Food is not a reward, Food is not a reward, Food is not the answer". 

I don't know where that came from.  Probably God.  Maybe a recent post I saw on Clive's site, where he got a right good arse-kicking by Gaz and Toby (read the post, then the comments).

So, I steered away from the junk and went home.  Believe me, it was an achievement.

Then I went home and poured a nice vodka and soda.

I feel better already.

Big Clyde


Kyle Gershman said...

So true...what is it about car rides anyway? I have the same malady where junk food appears justified to offset the misery of a long car ride. In general, though, I've shared in your achievement to dial it back in. Excellent job!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Another post I could claim as my own. I've gotten to the end of many a difficult day with a "reward". Do you remember Taco Time from Seattle? There's one right on my way home from work. Site of numerous attitude adjustments of the caloric kind.

To combat that, I'm dividing my calories in half. I get half for breakfast/lunch and half starting at dinner. So I'm in "off" mode during the dangerous ride home.

Bzybee said...

One of the few snacks I was still eating after 4 months was popchips. I love'em. Tasty and only 100 calories a bag.. but after a good day I was eating 2 bags and was close to reaching for a 3rd. All at that hard work during the day and I was close to eating nearly 25% of my daily total on chips.

So I stopped buying them. I have managed to get away from food rewards. I switched to massage.. would rather have a woman give me a 90 minute rub down when I lose weight than a bag of chips :)

As to long journeys. I have not had one since I started 5 months ago.. but I used to have to do a 6 hour weekly drive starting at 3am and the only thing that kept me awake was eating. Coffee, gum, water, window down, music.. none of them worked.. but eat food and I was alert.

Great progress!

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

I have the same weakness. Using food as a reward. As if having a bad day deserves a hot fudge sundae??? Twisted thinking. Good for you on fighting it and re-programing your inner speak.

responsibility199 said...

Bravo for your achievement.
Looking away, powerful action that is. We are attracted more to what we see than what we cannot see. The act of looking away is often all we need to do to avoid a bad decision. Just dont gouge your eyes out, that would be taking the action too far.

Bruce said...

"Food is not a reward."

I gotta remember that one!

Great job in passing on the treat. You took the one and only step that really matters in all of this. You have to be willing to do hard things to get what you want.

Clive Chapman said...

Awesome mate!

Al said...

Good to see you are in the right mindset, Clyde.