Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The March Experiment with Neighbor Ted

My friend Neighbor Ted called.  He is in North Carolina.  I am in Arizona.  We are about to start running together.

I need to move and exercise again.   Thanks to all of you who have stuck with this grumpy bear during the winter.  (In particular, I think that Doc's increasingly tough stance in recent posts have lit a fire under my tail!).

So, Neighbor Ted and I will both be following Hal Higdon's 8K training plan (for 8 weeks).   In reality, 8k is only 5.1 miles and I will likely get there before 8 weeks, but I am heavier now than I have been in previous running seasons. 

Officially, Week 1 starts on Sunday, but I will be doing some walking tomorrow and Saturday to get moving.

I am also going to re-listen to the Two Gomers podcast, a sometimes funny weekly podcast about two guys (in their mid-20's) that started running to prepare for their first half-marathon. 

More to come.

Big Clyde

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Bruce Gudmundson said...

I have had my best runs when I have followed a Hal Higdon training plan. My advice is not to rush the plan, but trust it and you will have the best results.

Great job Clyde! Looking forward to hearing your progress.