Thursday, March 22, 2012

Building a new spider web

I've broken my stride in terms of my healthy eating and consistent running schedule.   Officially, I've missed two runs so far and have been eating "normal" as opposed to my "low-calorie" plan for the past 5 days.  

Back on plan today.

I was talking with a co-worker who mentioned that her exercise efforts can be discouraging.   One step forward, then two steps back.  She tries to keep up at her gym class, but then suffers for it with ankle pain for the next few days, wondering if she is causing damage.   It is easy to back off at that point and go back to old eating and lifestyle habits.  She is discouraged this morning.   I know how she feels.

It reminded me of a story that I heard recently about someone who was watching a spider build a web.  The web was pretty big and was successful at catching prey, supporting the spider, etc.   The web worked great for weeks. 

Then one day, the person looked up at the web and found that it was broken.   It seemed so tragic that all of that hard work was now destroyed.   Then, the person looked to the side and found the spider building a brand new web. 

You know the morale of the story...the spider didn't fail when the web was destroyed.   The spider would have only failed if it gave up and didn't begin again.

Big Clyde


Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Good analogy, Clyde. One of the thing I'm finding empowering about calorie counting is that you can always get back on track *today*. Same would go for exercise, I'm sure.

And I had to chuckle at "normal" being in quotes. I can relate - "normal" for me is not normal!

The Big Guy said...

As a friend once said to me concerning relationships...

"Today is today, and tomorrow is tomorrow."

I figure it holds well with other lifestyle changes as well.