Monday, March 12, 2012

The New Challenge

"It's on!"

Those are the words that Neighbor Ted wrote to me when I challenged him to a weight loss duel.  Actually, he stated that he intends to lose about 12% of his current weight by 6/22.   It just seemed like it would be fun to join in and see if I could match his weight loss...or beat him!   You could do it too.

We are discussing the idea a little further, but here is what we have so far:
  • We will measure weight loss by percentage only, since we are starting at different places.  This seemed the most fair way.
  • Since he is focused on an end date of 6/22 and we began talking about it in late February, we are going to put the starting date as 3/1/12.  Official end date will likely be 6/16/12.
  • We are weighing in on Saturdays, using the honor system.
  • I am counting calories and I think he is juicing.
  • Both of us are going to be running and cycling...mostly running.
For me to lose 12% of my weight, it will be well over 30 pounds.  It will not be easy, but if you are a longtime reader of this blog, you might see that I did exactly that in 2010.  

Between March 1st and May 31st of 2010, I lost 36 pounds by counting calories and light exercise.  

It will be fun to do it again (though I would have been smarter to just keep it off since 2010).

Join us!   Let me know if you are interested.  Competition can be a strong motivator.

There may be a big group of us competing.
Or it could be just me and Neighbor Ted.
But I know that my biggest opponent will be...Big Clyde from 2010.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a name for this challenge?


FredT said...

Clyde, I do not recall your diet. From your tone, you suggest winning is important.

For quick weight loss, I will suggest (suggestion, not advise) that you cut out all sugars, and grains, and most fruits, if you have not already. This will lower insulin, which also allows fat to be burned better.

45and304 said...

Good luck Clyde!