Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Pizza Run

I have been soooooo good since I started to eat healthy and run on March 1st.  

I have to be good because I am now in a weight-loss challenge with Neighbor Ted, my ex-neighbor who moved from Arizona to North Carolina (and lost his top spot in my "friend-ranking" when he did it).   We are both working to drop 12% of our weight from March 1st to June 16th.

But my wife was working late tonight.

And the kids needed dinner.

And Domino's sells a large meat-drenched pizza for $8 and it is 100 yards from my house.

So, I gave in, ordered the pizza and brought it home.

THEN, I gave it to my 3 kids.

MY DINNER was a large banana, two packets of oatmeal and some carrots.   Got to be lean for my run tonight...

...and my weigh-in against Neighbor Ted is this Saturday!

Choose well, my friends.

Big Clyde


Kendra said...

Husband brought home pizza for the fam tonight and I had scrambled eggs instead! Great job!

Debsdailylife said...

NOw thats what I call will power!!!!

Susietri said...

Cheap food actually costs a lot, doesn't it.

I could not have resisted it myself. We don't order in pizza for that very reason. I bow to you.