Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weigh-In, Week Two

Weight loss this week:            1 pound
Weight loss since March 1st:  8 pounds

My schedule was a little off this week, but I managed to run three times.   A 2-mile, a 2.5 and a 3-mile run.

The 3-mile run was last night.   We had an early family dinner, then took the boys to practice.   My wife and daughter dropped me off with them and I ran the 3 miles home.   I felt great during the three-miler.   At one point (about halfway through), I wanted to take a break, so I started walking but that only lasted for about a minute.   It just felt better to push through and slow my pace a bit on a jog, rather than walking.

I am very grateful that I have not experienced any pain in my joints, despite my weight.   That may come as I go longer distances and if so, I can always adjust to the bike.  But I am focusing hard on landing on the outer balls of my feet, rather than heel-striking.

When I was beginning my run, I met two cyclists who pulled up to me.   They had the cyclists gear, excellent road bikes, etc.   They had both flown to Arizona from Canada to train for the AZ IronMan competition in November.   One of them was 50 years old, but in excellent shape  (I think he was the coach).   He mentioned that he did a 10-12k run this morning (6-7 miles), then hit the pool for "a longer workout", and they were finishing up the day with a quick ride, which was 36 miles.   The other guy was also fit, but less experienced and was training for his first IronMan.

I told them that those were my "epic" distances.   I started all of this wondering if I could ride 35 miles on a bike.   I ran a 10k 14 months ago, which was a major achievement for me (not a casual workout).

As you might predict, their words of encouragement were simple:   keep going.  

We enjoyed that we were out there (in the gorgeous, sunny weather), working on improving our health and having some fun along the way.   I didn't feel embarrassed to be heavier or slower, etc. than them...I just felt great to be doing something after months of being away from consistent exercise.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Big Clyde


The Big Guy said...

Nice story!

Those guys are definately hardcore! Maybe that'll be us someday? lol


oh_mg said...

Keep up the great work, Clyde! :)

Miss S. said...

I often chant to myself: Dig Deep. I like Keep Going as well.

Keep going big guy. Never give up.

Bruce Gudmundson said...

What a great run that was and to get encouragment along the way is a bonus!

Keep at it and before long you will be doing some solid workouts on a consistent basis and enjoying it.

Keep after it!

Susietri said...

Freaking Ironmen are always so perky. :) Glad to see you back on.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

That's terrific that you posted any loss at all after your 7 lb. loss last week. Glad you're running pain free!